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Cookbook Extravaganza Week Three: Complete Whole Grains Cookbook {Giveaway}

I don’t know why I didn’t pick up this book sooner and now I’m loathe to give it away! Seriously- this book is awesome and I’m so excited to share it with one lucky winner. The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook by Judith Finlayson is the perfect thing for a whole grain beginner or anyone who just wants to explore cooking with whole grains.

Not only does it have 150 recipes that cover everything from breakfast to dessert, but it has tips and tricks for each. Finlayson also includes the nutrition facts and health benefits of each recipe, which is a huge bonus in my book. She has tips for the rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker for each of the whole grains and a brief synopsis of important things to know about each. It doesn’t contain as many pictures as I prefer in a cookbook, but it does have quite a few beautiful images where it counts- such as what rye berries really look like.

This is definitely not geared towards those on a special diet, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a gluten free eater or someone who is strictly vegan. But for the rest of you all-purpose cooks, this book gets you started right with cooking all of those funny grains you keep hearing about such as quinoa, spelt, amaranth, and  sorghum to name a few.

How to Enter:

I had some issues with our last giveaway, but I’ve sorted those  so we’re trying it again with this giveaway app.  Read the directions below and make sure to click on “I did this” after you’ve completed the entry requirement.


Molly Bailey says:

This book looks fantastic! Would love to add it to my collection!

Annie says:

What a lovely win this would be.

maggie says:

I am a big fan of whole grains, and regularly use them in my cooking. I have yet to try emmer, though.. and would love to make some bread using it sometime!

Shauna Buck says:

I’m always looking for a good recipes to get better food into my family!

Deanna Tworivers says:

This sounds like a wonderful cookbook! Thanks for the information.

Ember Blackwell says:

Amaranth. I’ve got so many different grains but that one has managed to evade my pantry.

Bonnie Karoly says:

I’ve tried many grains. My mother told me about Kamut, and it’s hard to find. I would like to try it. This cookbook would be a great addition to my collection. I’m always learning the correct way to prepare grains.

Kristen says:

I’ve always wanted to try teff. Thanks!

Tara says:

I am expanding my use of whole grains, but have never used amaranth. Thanks for the chance to add to my cookbook collection.

Dave says:

Winter time and whole grains were made for each other.

Rose says:

Einkorn wheat. I’ve been reading several history books that talk about ancient wild wheat. I’d like to experience as many close to the original wheats as I can and share that experience with others.

Danielle Winch says:

I would like to try different flours like spelt.

Nancy says:

I have never tried Einkorn or ancient wheat nor have I eaten whole sorghum. I have used sorghum flour. It’d be great to win this book and spend the winter experimenting! That is, if you can part with it

Jaclyn says:

I would love to learn more about cooking with whole grains. I have been adding whole wheat flour to my baked goods, and experimenting with different grains for breakfast, so I’d love to learn even more ways to cook whole grains.

Joyce Mosby says:

I have not tried spelt yet. I would like to try it.

Laurie says:

Never tried Kamut.

Donna says:

Farro. I just purchased some and am currently looking through online recipes to figure out what to make!

Chris Lusher says:

Farro & Wheatberries. Would love to try this cook book!

Maggie Drake says:

I have never tried Amaranth or Kamut. We grew some beautiful red Thai amaranth plants in the garden and ate the leaves like spinach, but I have never cooked with the grain.

Emma says:

Thanks for the great giveaway

Kirsten says:

I would like to try teff.

Jason says:

I have been wanting to try amaranth but new recipes with other whole grains I already use are always fun!

Aubrey says:

I would love this book! I love experimenting with grains. I would love to try teff…I;ve never used that. And would love to use more spelt.

Amy Miller says:

I want to try teff….I’ve seen recipes for Teff polenta and Teff crusts for pies. I love quinoa…and would love to try other ancient grains.

Adele says:

I would like to try quinoa.

Donna F. says:

I have tasted cookies made with amaranth from the store, but I would like to try to bake with it on my own.

greta says:

I’d like to try Kamut or teff

Karen Lyles says:

I’m intrigued by Teff. I like it as cooked hot cereal thanks to your recipe. I’d like to learn more about Amaranth. It’s such a pretty flower! I’d also like to try the ancient grains of spelt and kamut. I hope to win the cookbook and try all the wonderful grain recipes! Thanks.

Clare says:

I have never cooked with spelt, millet or wheat berries, all of which I would like to experiment with and hopefully create something delish!

Kitri McGuire says:

This cookbook looks fabulous – I’ve been looking for something just like this!

Sara P. says:

I would love to try Kamut.

Sara F. says:

I’ve never tried teff or kamut. Right now I’m on a barley kick.

Tom says:

I’ve never tried sorghum.

AliceB says:

Whole grains go a long way and fill you up. With grocery prices the way that they are, I want to learn to cook more with whole grains. This book would help me do that.

Liz says:

I am a hypoglycemic and can only eat whole wheat products. I think this would be a great book to my collection. I am getting bored of the same 3 recipes for my pastas!

Teri Schams says:

I would love to try Amaranth. It sounds good and healthy.

Teslaca says:

Great looking cookbook. I’ve never tried sorghum and would like to. Right now amaranth is a favorite.

nik says:

Amaranth…I have no idea what it tastes like or what to use it in. Although now I see you have several recipes for it. 🙂

Melissa says:

Kamut looks interesting but it’s all wonderful and such an adventure. With a new vegetarian in the family and 2 mostly vegetarians I could really use this cookbook! Then I might be able to entice the non-vegetarian into the fold!

Karen says:

I’ve been wanting to try Amaranth

Sue says:

I am anxious to have a variety of special recipes to mix these lovely grains with all the beautiful choices at the Farmers Market.

I would love to have this cookbook. Whole grains are an important key to good health.

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