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Bob’s Flax on Today’s Show

Check it out! Our flax was featured as part of the Perfect Skin Diet on the Today Show. I’m not sure why they failed to mention that flax should be eaten ground, but it’s exciting anyway. Enjoy!
Flaxseed on Today Show



jenn says:

i just bought a pack of your flax seed meal and i just wanna know.. what do you mean by whole ground golden flax seed?
does it mean that it is already ground or not?
because majority of what i read is that it is much better to have ground flax seed, so i’m kinda confuse if what i bought is already ground or not yet… hope someone can enlighten me regarding this matter. thank you

@Jenn Whole ground flax means that we have ground the flax seed and kept all of the fabulous nutrients intact. Some companies remove the oils for flax oil. Ours contains the whole seed with nothing removed. You do need to eat the ground seeds to get the most benefit from them.

jenn says:

thank you so much for clarifying! 😉

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