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Before and After Your Race – How to Prepare for Beginners

Prepping for my first triathlon of the year, I did a ton of research trying to figure out what I needed on race day and how I was going to set up my transition area.  This is an extremely important piece of your race day.  If you’re transition area is unorganized or if don’t have a smooth transition you’re going to be wasting precious seconds and you will create unnecessary stress for yourself during race day.

The Complete Triathlon Book was a great resource for me but surprisingly so was  I simply plugged in “Triathlon Setup” and an unlimited supply of “How To” videos came up.  These videos visually demonstrate how to properly set up your transition areas.  I came away with great tips on how to efficiently set up my transition areas.  Having smooth transitions during your race is vital for your race performance and fortunately for me, the transitions in my first few races were quick and seamless.

Additionally, I’d also advise triathlon beginners on race day to first, make sure you hit the bathroom early and often.  The lines for the restrooms get really long just before the race kicks off and the last thing you want is to start a race with a full bladder or worse!  Lastly, make sure you get to the race early enough to have ample time to properly set up your transition areas and warm up.  Triathlon racing is stressful enough without having to worry about getting ready in a hurry or not get to warm up at all.


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