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Beerfest Do’s and Don’ts from Keyon

In honor of Oktoberfest, which is in full swing all over the world, here are some great Beerfest Do’s and Don’ts from Keyon. Be sure to check out more Do’s and Don’ts from Mark over here.

Wow, Beefest Do’s and Don’ts.  There’s so many Don’ts that I hope I’ll be able to help with some of the Do’s.  I guess the Do’s and Don’ts are determined by if you’re in season or if you’re out of training season.

Do’s: Get a designated driver.

Do’s: Bring a lot of cash.

Do’s: Make a pretzel necklace, I don’t know why, but everyone else does.

Do’s: Remember to eat before you head out the door.

Do’s: Take a shower before you go.  I’ve been to way too many summer Beerfest’s where the overlying theme is awful B.O.

Do’s: Wear shoes.  Those things can get crowded and you have to protect your toes for your next race.

Do’s: If you’re still in training mode, rotate a cup of water every other beer. This will help cut down on the beer consumption and keep you within proper limits.

Do’s: Set a limit for how many beers you want to drink.  You can still have fun without drinking a ton during Beerfest.

Do’s: Take lots of fun pictures to remember the day.

Don’ts: Don’t drive home.  Seriously, get a Designated Driver.

Don’ts: If you’re a girl, don’t wear high heels to these things.  Especially if you have a race coming up, skip the heels.  How bad would it be if you couldn’t compete because you hurt your ankle walking on all that uneven grass during Beerfest.

Don’ts: If you have a race coming up its probably a good idea for you skip the beer altogether.  If you’re concerned with staying hydrated, skip the beer and just drink water and enjoy the scene.

Don’ts: Don’t wear your nicest clothes.  As the day progresses, spills are guaranteed, by you or by others.

Don’ts: Don’t be that guy…(you know what I mean)


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