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Barney Butter

Now that you’ve signed up for Train with Grain, you’re probably ready to get started training or *hopefully* enhance your current training regimen. Your kit will arrive soon, if it hasn’t already, and we’d like to draw your attention to one item in particular- Barney Butter.

The good folks over at Barney Butter were generous in donating a sample of Barney Butter for all of our triathletes and we can’t thank them enough. I’ve tried a lot of different almond butters, but I am seriously in love with Barney Butter. Not only is it creamy and smooth like peanut butter, it’s not gritty or too runny like some brands on the market. PLUS, I love love love the little squeeze packets that you can buy. I know it might seem silly to haul around packets of almond butter, but when I’m on the go and need a quick snack- I’d prefer to pull out a little almond butter than stop and try to find something edible on a fast food menu. They’re also great for a pre-workout protein boost or a post-workout recovery snack.

We hope you enjoy your sample! If you can’t find them locally, they have a great website and provided coupons for your first order in the kit (though if that’s missing, let us know, they are small and I know some kits mistakenly did not get them). Might we suggest you also “like” them on Facebook? They are always posting good deals and great recipes.

BONUS FACTS: Barney Butter is a small company with values that we can get behind. Their facility is peanut-free and their product is gluten-free. Their slogan? Spread the Love! What more do you need?

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