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A Day at the Races

Sunday, November 8 was my first experience cooking and serving oats to a bunch of muddy, hungry cyclocross racers and their fans. My only experience with Cyclocross up to that point had been gathering all the supplies needed for a “day at the races” – bag after bag of steel cut oats, raisins, brown sugar, walnuts, and date crumbles; milk and butter; big stainless steel cook pots; and all the little stuff like spoons, bowls, and salt, along with tents, propane stoves, folding tables and chairs.

Cyclists and spectators line up to get hot oatmeal on a cold fall day.

Cyclists and spectators alike line up to get hot oatmeal on a cold fall day. Perfect fuel for a muddy ride.

The weather was relatively good for November; in other words, it wasn’t raining (until later). The comment I heard most often from the appreciative folks waiting in line for a bowl of steaming oats was, “We love you guys!” Several people came back for refills. Everyone was amazed that we were giving oats away. Of course, we had a jar on our table for donations to the Community Cycling Center, and it filled quickly.

It was great to be able to explain that Bob’s Red Mill makes the world’s best steel cut oats, proven at the Golden Spurtle competition in Scotland just a month ago.


Kevin Drake says:

My folks are the reason I got into eating your steel cut oats and now I have branched out and purchace many of your incredible items. The 5 grain with flax is to die for!
Thanks for being there every morning to make my day better. 🙂

ellen rosendhal says:

Finally I found a really good bread. It was made from your homemade wonderful bread mix. I have tried every kind of bread mix and frozen loaf around and your’s was by far the best. I found it hard to make bread and muffins because of the guess work with an oven, so, got a bread making machine and have been trying to make a good loaf. I need to tweek the machine a bit but it works so good with your mix that I will never again eat that sodden, bitter, stuff again. Thanks so much–you have a customer for life. Cheers,
Ellen Rosendhal

Besides celiac disease, I am also diabetic. There are a lot of carbs in your products (and most other gluten free foods). Is there some way you can lower the carbs for people like us. I found that exchanging some of the flour for nut flour lowers the carb count in the muffins I make. Could you possibly consider that for the future. Thank, Ellen Rosendhal

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