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Happy New Year!

The name January comes from the Roman god Janus, the god of the doorway. Not surprisingly, January is considered to be the door to the year marking the beginning of a new year and hence a time to begin anew. Often this month inspires us to review our past year and set lofty goals for the New Year.

Frequently, we set goals to lose weight, eat healthy, be kinder to our neighbors, exercise more, make more time for our family, learn a new skill, read more books- you get the picture. We set unrealistic goals that are abandoned before you can say “February.”

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be unattainable, they do not have to make you a new person, they can simply be a recommitment to what matters most to you. Here are some ways to turn your lofty goal into something attainable:

Instead of generally committing to “Eat Healthy” why not commit to substituting whole grain quinoa, or brown rice for white rice in your favorite dishes. It’s easy, it’s just one change! Swap whole wheat bread for white bread, or eat whole grain hot cereal once a week instead of cold cereal. How about eating vegetarian for one day a week? One day is easier than you think. Small steps towards a better, healthier you!

Instead of committing to “Exercise Every Day,” how about committing to take the stairs whenever you can? We certainly don’t mean that you should avoid working out altogether. On the off days, why not climb those two flights of stairs to your office, or in the parking garage? It is recommended by the

American Heart Association that we get 30 minutes of activity every day. Did you realize that you can get those 30 minutes at any time and not, necessarily, all at once? Three bursts of 10 minute stair climbing or walking still counts towards a healthier you!

Success rates with New Year’s resolutions have been significantly linked to small, obtainable goals. Those who take a lofty goal and break it down into small, achievable goals have a much better chance of reaching the ultimate goal. Set those goals and make small steps to achieve them!

Wishing you health and wellness in the year to come,

Your friends at Bob’s Red Mill

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I enjoyed this article and I so agree with you. I purposely park further out in the parking lot of a store to add the “extra” walk for myself. I also take carts back in to the store instead of parking them near vehicles as it is my excuse to exercise just a bit more. 🙂

Love the products and appreciate the recipes!

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