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A Gluten Free Update from the Cohort

I am not new to restricting my diet for one reason or another. For about 13 years now I have been vegan; not eating any meat, dairy or eggs. This means reading a lot of labels and advocating for myself on a regular basis to make sure I don’t eat something I didn’t intend to. This has definitely helped me with my 6-week gluten free challenge that my naturopath suggested I do. The first two weeks was fairly easy since I was doing a 4 day juice cleanse with eating mostly vegetables the days before and after that. Now that I am able to eat my normal diet, except the gluten, it has allowed me to challenge myself to create new foods. I right away found some wheat free soy sauce so I could make tasty stir fries and sauces.

I am lucky to live in a town which is not only vegan friendly, but fairly progressive on offering gluten free options as well. I went out to dinner with friends at a new Italian restaurant and after asking, was shown many options from the menu which did not contain any gluten. I had a hard time deciding which dish to try and was happy with a spaghetti squash dish with tomato sauce and a vegetarian meatball.

The hardest part has been wanting to eat tortillas and breads, but not having the time to make my own from scratch or from one of our many mixes. I tried a prepared rice flour tortilla and was not impressed since it had no flexibility so I couldn’t even make a burrito. I did find a good selection of other gluten free prepared foods at my local natural foods store. Amy’s products offer many gluten free options which I have enjoyed and I noticed a new frozen food company called Gluten Free Café. I am sure the world of gluten free options will continue to grow from both our company and others.

Hopefully next week I will have more time to play in the kitchen. I am entering a bake-off contest next weekend and I will be making something gluten free. This will be my chance to demonstrate gluten free does not mean giving up the sweet life.


LK says:

Kudos to finding gluten-free vegan food at restaurants! That is nice that they were so accommodating. Yes, gluten free products are definitely expanding…I’ve only just started noticing the new products available at my local food stores.

By the way, what restaurants do you recommend for vegan food? I usually am not big into restaurants because they aren’t vegan-friendly or aren’t very nutritious.

Keep up the gluten-free regime!

marylandceliac says:

Mission white corn tortillas say gluten free on the package – they are cheap and good for wraps!

Chelsea Lincoln says:

LK, Are you in the PDX area, or another part of Oregon? In Portland, Papa G’s on Division St offers a lot of gluten free options and are really good about labeling their foods. I found that Chaos Cafe on Powell has a lot of gluten free options as well. The restaurant I referred to in my post was Portobello Vegan Trattoria on SE 11th (between Hawthorne and Division). These are all vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Laughing Planet offers various bowls which I am certain to have gluten free options. I have also gotten a salad and fries at Dots on Clinton St.

I need to investigate my favorite Thai place to see if they can do gluten free since I am missing them greatly.

Marylandceliac, Thanks for the tip!

Man, my grandmother was Italian and she made the most delicious meatballs I ever tasted, like you had died and gone to meatball heaven. Sadly, she didnt leave a recipe for us so I’ve been trying to figure it out by myself… slowly working my through the meatball recipes here, I still cant figure out what her secret ingredient was though!!!

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