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Your Questions Answered: Why aren’t all Bob’s Red Mill products organic?

QuestionA few days ago, we asked our Facebook fans what question they would pose to Bob if they could ask him a single question. We promised to answer as many as we could. Many of these questions are more about our products than Bob specifically, so I’m going to answer some and I’ll have Bob weigh in on some.

USDA Organic Logo 6.15.07Today’s question: Why aren’t all Bob’s Red Mill products organic?

At Bob’s Red Mill, we strive to bring you as many organic choices as possible. There are a few reasons why we do not carry organic choices. In no particular order:

  1. An item is not available organically. For example, our gluten free oats. They are simply not grown organically right now. Because they are not your average oat crop, there is no organic substitute for them available. Ultimately, when this changes, I sincerely believe we will offer them organically.
  2. To offer an item organically would cause the consumer price of said product to be far too expensive. While we understand that some people would pay any price for an organic option, but we believe in affordable quality grains.
  3. We can’t find the quantity we need to take a product to market as organic. It could be the supply just isn’t available on the market that we need. If we can’t keep it in stock, we can’t bring it to you.

With these things in mind, we are always looking for organic varieties of our grains, beans and seeds. When we find the right fit, we often add it in order to bring you even more organic options.

What grain, bean or seed do you wish we would offer organically?


Dave says:

How do you deal with the GMO issue?


All of our products are non-GMO and we’ll have a whole post dedicated to that topic soon.

Laura says:

I was concerned considering I feed this to my three babies.. if this contain glyphosphate and evil product out of the Monsanta company in which it causes cancer to anybody who ingests it.
I grew up on this product and his company and I love you guys and appreciate the fact that you are non-GMO but have huge concerns since eating food that will kill my family’s just not worth it..

Brandie says:

I wish you offered organic masa harina.

Anja says:

I believe that Bob’s Red Mill does everything to give the customers the best products. Their quality has never let me down.

Zsu says:

If the grain is not organic, then I want to be sure that it is not GMO. Is it????

At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

Mary says:

Can you tell me what is not organic in the Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix?

Hi Mary,

We do not use any organic ingredients in our pizza crust mix.

Carolee says:

Can I use water instead of milk in the corn bread mix?

Mary says:

Thank you! Are there GMO ingredients in the pizza crust mix?


No, we do not use any GMO ingredients in our Pizza Crust Mix. At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

Cynthia says:


I understand it’s not all certified organic, but there are lots of degrees of non-organic. Do you have standards around the practices of all the farmers you work with besides the non-GMO standard?


We do have many standards for cleanliness and processing of grains. We require suppliers to attest to the safety of their ingredients, among other things and work to maintain good relationships with our farmers.

John says:

In other words yes, gluten-free oats are GMO’s

I’m not sure why you would make that assumption, John. Our gluten free oats do not contain any GMOs. Oats are not a crop that have been genetically modified on a large scale. We are currently in the process of becoming non-GMO Project certified.

Amy says:

Well I hope you will attain the non-GMO Project certification because this carb loader loves oatmeat in its purest form. Any chance the oatmeal will be certified in the near future, especially the Extra Thick Rolled Oats?

We do offer all of our oats, with the exception of the gluten free oats and instant oats, as organic, so it could just be that your store doesn’t carry them. We are in the process of becoming members of the non-GMO Project. It takes quite a while and a lot of paperwork!

Kristen Davidson says:

Do the crops used buy Bob’s Red Mill receive glyphosate at anytime prior to harvest?

Please give us a call at 800-349-2173 to speak with our customer service team.

Xaka says:

I think all of us would like to see the answer to the glyphosate question.

Tina Nelson says:

I understand why not all products are organic and it’s great that you use only Non-GMO seeds. I know that ‘organic’ cert means no pesticides, etc. But, if I had no other choice, I would choose GMO grown without pesticides, etc over Non-GMO with pesticides. So, the question is:

Are the Non-GMO products grown conventional, with pesticides, etc?

I absoulutely will not purchase any of your Non-organic products unless thsy are freenof pesticides, etc and anything artificial.

Thank, Tina


I am looking into an answer about the glyphosate use, but I think it’s safe to say our non-organic products are grown using industry standards for each particular crop. More info to come.

Tina Nelson says:

Yes, please answer the glyphosate question for all too see. Remember the power of 10…..I tell 10 people, they tell 10 people and so on and so forth. Honesty is the best policy:)

Thanks again, Tina

We will do our best to get a definitive answer. We are not being evasive out of dishonesty.


Unfortunately, we are unable to determine which specific chemicals, if any, are used on the conventionally grown products we sell. I can tell you for sure that the farmers must demonstrate safe agricultural practices in accordance to USDA law to work with us. If you are concerned about chemicals being used on crops, I would recommend that you purchase only certified organic products.

Baklava says:

Hello Cassidy,

Thanks so much for letting us know that Bob’s Red Mill products are non-GMO. While it definitely takes a while to get certified, having this knowledge made me try your brand. I tasted my first “Whole Grain 10 Grain Hot Cereal” this week, and I am hooked. Thanks again for putting this out there on your blog. <3

Barbara says:

Bob Redmilll is a very large company and should not have any trouble with all the paperwork. This should have bed done awhile ago. Many companies claim
To be waiting for gmo certification but have the same excuse ( time and paperwork )
I say just get that paperwork done. Assign several people to the project. My boss would never put up with that excuse.
I am doing the best job I can to rid my family of the gmo poison. We need help with companies like yours.


Thank you. The paperwork has been submitted and we are awaiting certification. This is a problem with having only one certifying agency- The Non GMO Project. Believe me, we want the certification as badly as you do. We have endless customer requests for this and would like nothing more than to prove that we are, indeed, purveyors of non-GMO projects.

Barbara says:

Yes, I can see on the non gmo project sight that you are enrolled for verification.
Thanks for your response.

Joan Monroe says:

How long can any of your flours be stored in art tight Tupperware if kept in refrigerator. If stored in Tupperware on the shelf. My polenta stored on shelf spoiled.( I kept it too long and we do get allot of heat in the summer. We are going Paleo, but I want to break rules and make coconut flour pancakes for my diabetic husband on a rare occasion. I invested allot originally in your different products. Send answer to (Joan Monroe)

I’ve passed your comment to Customer Service, Joan for reply.

Sue says:

I would like to see organic corn, rice, sorghum and buckwheat, available individually. All four are in the Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal (which, by the way, I did not find tasty at all); none of the four are noted on the label as being organic. I bought the Cereal in haste, without thinking about it not being organic. Won’t make that mistake again!

Thank you! We will pass along your suggestion. We do offer organic corn grits, organic brown rice farina and organic creamy buckwheat- all of which are organic versions of the ingredients in the Mighty Tasty Cereal. At this time, we do not have organic sorghum. We are so sorry that you didn’t enjoy our mighty tasty cereal.

alex says:

What is the difference between the label “organic” and “organically grown”? I’ve noticed the change in the label for the unbleached unbromated white flour. thank you!


I’m not really sure. We use both on our label, but I do not believe “Organically Grown” is regulated by the USDA. From what I can tell, it used to be, but is no longer. Likely, this claim on our label is just from an era when it was regulated and was never removed. The organic symbol (typically green and white) that says “USDA/Organic” is the regulated claim for organic now.

Penelope says:

Hi Cassidy,
I do really appreciate all the company is doing for Non-GMO labelling – thank you!!! I very much like the Gluten Free product listing everything in one section. Is it possible to filter out all of the certified organic products too?
This is all very new to me and it’s pretty confusing knowing what to buy and what not to. Reading this thread was educational for me – thanks! I’m not gluten intolerant, just finding that my body seems better without it; I am more concerned about ensuring my purchases are organic. I so want a decent GF organic bread receipe 🙂 which cook book would you recommend?
One last question: so the soya lethin(sp) is non-GMO, what about organic?

Also, from what I’ve learned so far about products, I seek out to purchase as organic: corn, rice, barley, kamut, sorghum, telf, green pea, black bean.

Kind regards,


The nice thing about recipes is that you can use organic version of the ingredients without compromising the integrity of the recipe. What you want to do is find a great gluten free bread recipe and use organic varieties of the flours called for. For breads, we are really enjoying this recipe right now:

If you’re gluten free, do not use Kamut or Barley, they both contain gluten.

Our soy lecithin is not organic, but it is non-GMO.

We don’t have a function on our site to filter out organic products, but you can request a list from

Mitch says:

Hi Cassidy,

I’ve recently become a big fan of some of your products I’ve tried. In haste, I hadn’t realized the organic & non-GMO issue. I must say, I was quite surprised to see that none of the products I’ve been eating are organic or certified non-GMO. So, here are my questions:

1. If they are non-GMO, is that just the seed or is it also applicable re: any pesticides or other chemicals applied?

2. If so, is it safe to assume that all products are non-GMO as described above?

3. Will each (or any) of the following products be coming in organic, non-GMO and gluten-free varieties? (I mean all 3 of those applied to each product):

a. shredded unsweetened coconut (0/3 based on the packaging)
b. organic g-f coconut flour (obviously, this already has 2 out of 3)
c. G-F Muesli (1 out of 3)
d. Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal (currently 0/3) (incidentally, for the customer, above, who didn’t find it mighty tasty, I completely agree – when made w/ water. When I made it w/ coconut milk, it tasted AMAZING. Cassidy, you may wish to pass that along to others and customer service)
e. G-F Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (1/3)

Thank you so much. I love what you guys stand for. I must say it is a bit hard to imagine it has taken so long to get non-GMO certification. Its also difficult to understand same relating to Organic. I know you must be doing everything possible, but I imagine I and others will feel a lot better knowing EVERYTHING is non-GMO (not just the seeds, but also the chemicals not applied) and organic.

Thank you very much.



Hi Mitch,

These would be great questions for our customer service team at 800-349-2173, but I’ll do my best to answer them. I think it’s important to realize that many ingredients are not even available in the market as GMO items. Secondly, there is a big difference between using pesticides and a product’s GMO status. I understand the desire to avoid both, but farmers can grow a non-GMO crop using conventional pesticides.

1. Our products are grown from non-GMO seed. If they are not organic, they were grown using normal farming practices. We can not verify the GMO status of the pesticides. I’m not sure if The Non-GMO Project even looks at that.
2. Our products are sourced non-GMO and we are working on our verification of all items. If you are concerned about pesticides, I encourage you to only choose organic products.
3. a) Yes, our coconut will go through the verification process with all of our other items. We are seeking organic coconut, but have not found a reliable source yet. I do not believe we will start testing coconut for gluten, but it’s possible.
b.) Part of the USDA’s National Organic Program requires that organic foods also be non-GMO. It is safe to assume that an organic product is non-GMO.
c) GF Muesli will not become and organic product, but will be verified non-GMO in the future.
d) Same as GF Muesli
e) GF Oats will be submitted for non-GMO verification, though oats are not (yet) available as GMO crops. Gluten free grown oats are not yet widely available as organic, either. As soon as we can find a source, we will be bringing organic gluten free oats to market.

As I said in another comment on this topic, “The Non-GMO Project is a wonderful group, but one that has far more requests for participation than resources to deal with those requests. We’ve been enrolled for almost a year and are just starting to get our products verified. It’s a slow process, but we are working diligently to get everything verified. Once items become verified, we will begin adding the logo to our packaging. You can view a list of items that have been verified here: As you can see, it’s only one item to date, but, I assure you, it’s not for lack of effort on both sides. It’s just a slow process.”

Mitch says:

Sorry, also, has there been a response re: glyphosate?

Thank you.

We are not able to answer that question for you, Mitch. I’m sorry.

Mitch says:


Thanks very much for your responses. I hadn’t even known about glyphosate until reading this blog, but having researched it, it does seem like quite a concerning issue. Given your firm holds itself out to be a provider of healthy foods, certainly, I would think this is an important issue both to you and your customers. I hope that doesn’t sound attacking; its not intended that way – more as an observation of the obvious. But I suppose its a bit unnerving to think that if your co does’nt know the answer, who knows how much of that stuff is in products I get from other sources?! Would you be able to please explain about not being able to answer? Is it that you don’t know what the farmers use? Would it seem like an issue for the co to pursue? It would be such a shame to go through all the effort to make everything so healthy, yet have something as toxic as glyphosate still be in the products – it kind of obviates the all the other efforts, no?

Many thanks for your help!!! And pls be sure to see my comment about coconut milk making mighty tasty hot cereal actually taste “mighty tasty!” 🙂





I will have someone from customer service get back to you.


We appreciate your interest in issues related to our food products. Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. is a miller of grains, beans and seeds. We also prepare mixes of grain based items as well as baking ingredients. Lastly we are a packager of these various food items. Bob’s does not directly control the way grains, beans and seeds are grown by the farmer. For that reason we cannot say how each crop is grown and treated before or after harvest.

However, the farmers from whom we source our raw ingredients are expected to use the Best Agricultural Practices in the performance of that objective. Fertilizers and pesticides, if used, must be applied as the product label dictates or the farmer could be in violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Farmers simply cannot use inappropriate chemicals or chemicals at the wrong concentration because they have a lot at stake, legally and financially.

For customers who wish to eliminate the concern of chemicals in their food stream, the USDA has adopted and enforced a code of rules, the National Organic Program, which addresses the use or prohibition of chemicals for growing, processing and handling food deemed and marketed as organically processed. Bob’s Red Mill adheres to the National Organic Program standards in the production of its own organic product line. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides would not be allowable for use on organic crops at any stage in the production process.

Gail Gardner says:

Hi Mitch,

The reason so many of us choose organic is because the routine use of glyphosate is considered normal and legal among conventional growers. Of particular concern is the practice of using it to dry wheat just before harvest. Anyone who wants to avoid glyphosate needs to eat organic. 100% organic products are both non-gmo and will not contain glyphosate.

Whitney says:

Glyphosate as a harvest chemical is a big concern to me, too. Nasty stuff. Especially to someone who has walked through gut-related sickness. I just wanted to say I’d LOVE to see some of your gluten-free mixes available with as many organic grains as possible. 🙂 That would also ease my mind on the rice (conventional is said to be high in arsenic).

Kimmy Love says:

Glyphosate is the chemical name for Roundup from Monsanto, a chemical used as a herbicide to kill weeds in GMO crop fields, but also as pre-harvesting chemical to assist drying crops that are NOT GMO. There are several dozen labs in the U.S. that test for glyphosates, so for Bob’s Red Mill to simply answer that “we don’t know what the farmers use” is a cop-put, plain and simple. If you really want to help people with celiac disease and other ailments who buy your “non-GMO” labelled products, then learn about the connection between glyphosate and celiac disease and get regular batches tested, and tell the farmers you buy from that if the grains test positive for glyphosate that they will lose your business. Please research this subject: many people who exhibit symptoms of gluten intolerance are actually reacting to the dangerous chemical glyphosate.


Thank you for your comments. I will share them with our quality assurance team and see if we can get any better info about our products and glyphosate.

Hannah says:

I’m also concerned about the glyphosate and the practice of desiccation issue as well. I was hoping for a straight answer on this too. I like using Bob’s Red Mill wheat products but there is a concern if the farmers are using glyphosate on the wheat. I agree with Kimmy on this too. There should be a test done. Just because it’s an allowed practice doesn’t mean it’s a right one. Thanks for looking into this.


Thank you. We are getting so many inquiries about this, that I’m hoping to have a more concrete answer for you soon.

Ke says:

I too am awaiting an answer on the use of Round Up, as I bake for my children regularly and with the rise in wheat intolerance in the last 10 years, and the recent findings on the use of glyphosate on wheat crops, I am concerned. A competing flour company has confirmed that their organic line is free of Round Up and that their non-organic flours are not. I’m not sure why Bob’s can’t do the same. I tend to mix my flours but will start to use less of Bob’s (which is sad) until I get a definitive answer.


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this, so I’m hoping we’ll have something more concrete to share with you soon.

Bob says:

It’s been almost 9 months since the first question on glyphosate was posted here and there is still no definitive answer. A few weeks without an answer made me a little nervous about using the Red Mill product…3 months without an answer and I switched to a brand that openly states they do not use glysophate at any time in the production process…9 months and it looks and feels like stonewalling to me. Not only have you now lost me as a customer for life, I am going to start passing this information along to friends and family. There is absolutely no excuse for the lack of transparency about a clearly harmful, highly toxic substance. My health, as well as that of the people I know and love is simply too precious to take a chance on your product any more.

Monica says:

Hi Bob! I agree! This is such an important issue. I am very curious what brand you switched to and am wondering if you can send me an email at: to let me know? I will keep researching in the meantime – at least I know now to not waste my time with Bob’s Red Mill 🙁

Diane Herrmann says:

Hello Bob’s Red Mill
I’ve used 100% Whole Gain Cornmeal medium grid to make corn bread recipe on the package. Both times the bread did not rise too much. Is the recipe supposed to be dense bread versus a little airy as store purchased cornbread?

Thanks for your assistance

Because our cornmeal is 100% whole grain, it will be more dense than what you’re used to with store purchased cornbread.

Rev. Susan Scott says:

I have been purchasing Bob’s Red Mill products for quite awhile, in hopes that they were GMO free and were not treated with glyphosates . . . do hope you folks can work with your suppliers on the pesticide issue. I have been “through the mill” (not the Red Mill!) with food sensitivity issues and it means alot to find a line of products that I can trust my gut to!

Thank you. We work closely with our suppliers and are looking into the glyphosate issue, but for now, we encourage you to buy organic.

scot savoie says:

Get with the organic program…monsanto wants us dead…do you care about the body’s and minds of young children? let alone the rest of us. do you eat organic Cassidy? I wanna buy your product, but it sucks if it’s not free from GMO poisons.

Thank you for your words, Scot.

Marcella says:

I have a question, I ate your German Apple Cake the other day and picked up the
recipe which calls for Evaporated Cane Juice, I asked one of the ladies who works
there and she said to make cane juice just like you would syrup. I have 3 cups of
Evaporated cane sugar, please tell me how to make juice out of this for the recipe.
Thank you, I love all of your products.


Evaporated Cane Juice is just another name for natural sugar. Use the same amount of evaporated cane sugar as the recipe calls for. This is one of several reasons the FDA has put a ban on this term.

Sarah says:

While I too am curious about the glyphosate issue with BRM products, itshould be noted that the article that started on the controversy over glyphosate by Stephanie Senif has been brought into question. Many believe that the science in it was lacking and point out that the authors, while they do hold phDs, do not hold phDs in any field relating to agriculture, biology or nutrition, etc. It seems to me that glyphosate is being used by some farmers but not within 14 days of harvest and not as widespread as she claimed. I do not know but I think it is something that needs more scientific research. Even brings the journal article into question. I myself am going to try to use organic on occassion but am grateful for the nonorganic brm line because it is more affordable!

We eat only organic, as much as we can. After reading this post I will be returning BRM Masa Harina to the store. I really do not want to eat glyphosate. Ugh, I wish BRM had more organic products! Non-GMO isn’t enough anymore as it doesn’t guarantee no RoundUp on my plate. So sad.:( I wish I could buy organic corn easily…Please sell organic corn, please!

Thank you for your feedback, Olena. We’ll share it with our team.

Joy says:

Is your Pearled Couscous (also known as Israeli couscous) non-GMO? It doesn’t have the GMO Project label on it. Is it in the process of being verified as non-GMO? Thanks!

At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. You can read our full non-GMO policy here: For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

Raym says:

We love the Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. We are enjoying it even right now.
Thanks for all you do.

lori says:

hi guys, just a thought, throwing it out there…

if there is a product that you can not stock in organic purely for the quantity, why not consider offering the organic option at the said higher price? you could even print a caption on the packaging “limited time offer to test it’s sales, if you want to keep seeing this product on the shelf, then please support the sale of this product” and see how it goes… honestly, if you offered organic 13 bean soup mix (I make chili) and it was, say $2 more, then it’s non organic brother next to it, I’d buy it, cause I’m already paying more than double for other beans, if their bean is not organic, and your bean is not organic, then what’s the “sell” for that particular product?


Thank you for your suggestion. It’s a good one. We will pass it along.

rebecca says:

I don’t understand why you can make organic oats and wheat free oats but you cannot make organic wheat free oats.
I bought bob red mills wheat free oats thinking that since you were all about natural processing you would have higher standards than other conventional grain producing companies (because everyone knows the USDA guide lines are a cock off bull) however this seems to be untrue since you repeatedly tell us you cannot find out if there is round up on your products. Well luckily someone else has done the research for you and guess what it is contaminated with glyphosate. Really not sure why I paid literally five times the price for these oats just to have them still contain a highly toxic substance. Chucking these oats in the garbage as we speak. bye bye $15 worth of poisonous crap.

Missy says:

Polenta and rice cereal

dana says:

The USDA Organic label allows for a level of Glyphosate to be present and still be considered acceptable for the USDA Organic label. Conventional grains and beans have an industry standard to use glyphosate on the fields before planting and on the plants pre harvest to desicate them.

Do you test for residual Glyphosate in your Organic products? If so, where can we se the levels in these products?


You can read our policy on Glyphosate here: We do not test any of our products for glyphosate.

Cecille Chan says:

Why is Bob’s Red Mill not labeling their flour as “unbromated” if it is as they claim? I ordered from Amazon several pounds of Bob’s flour because the photo attached to the product shows “unbromated” in green right on the front of the package. I told the sellers not to ship me the flour if it does not say “unbromated” on the packaging, but they did anyway. When having the label “unbromated” is a plus, why doesn’t this company do it? I see that the flour they once labeled unbromated is now difficult to find. A rep from Bob’s sent me an e-mail saying all their products are unbromated, so why not announce that to the world unless….it is a blatant lie.


I’m sorry that our change in packaging is causing confusion. We will pass along your comments. We do not sell bromated flour and not including it on the label does not make it a lie. We cover this topic here:

Cristina says:

You’re doing a great job Cassidy! Keep up the good work! If you want to have non gmo organic grains grown to very high purity standards then try growing and processing your own. It’s pretty rough work. Be happy there are companies such as this that strive to offer good products with as many good qualities as there are available in the crop market.

Melanie says:

If your products are non-GMO why do they not have the “NON-GMO” emblem on them? Thank you

Two reasons- first, the process to become verified is lengthy which means only some of our products are eligible to use the emblem so far. Secondly, it takes a long time for us to work through packaging inventory and longer still until that change is seen at the store. We are working on it, though.

Musa says:

Hi Bobs red mill I’d like to know if you use herbicides and pesticides on the oats you grow.


Our conventional oats are grown using standard farming practices. We recommend choosing organic if you are concerned about herbicides and pesticides.

Bob says:

Your failure, over a long period of time, to address the glyphosate question head-on leads me to believe that your products do indeed contain it. I am a long term user (daily) of your products but will no longer use them.

Holli says:

You mentioned you are not able to get some organic flours.

I use Organic Sprouted Sorghum Flour for the Sourdough bread I make at home, and all Bob’s Red Mill has at my health food store is regular non-organic Sorghum Flour.

And even though you say none of your products are GMO, I am concerned about the pesticides used on these crops!

Is Glyphosate used on the Sorghum Flour you sell?

Bob’s Red Mill is the only brand my Health food store offers. I have to drive 30 minutes away to get “To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.” or order online. (don’t care for paying the shipping costs, would rather be able to pick it up at the store)

If “To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.” can get and offer Organic Sprouted Sorghum Flour, why can’t Bob’s Red Mill get this flour and offer it as well?

Thank you,

Thank you for asking about this. At this time, we do not plan to offer organic sorghum products. You can read our policy on glyphosate here: We work with our vendors to ensure that our products are not sprayed with glyphosate, but we do not test for it. I am sorry that this might not be the answer you are hoping for. Please call us at 800-349-2173 for further assistance.

Theo says:

Why don’t Bob’s Red Mill products say they are GMO FREE? Are they? Is the Meusli in particular?


Please check out our non-GMO pledge. We hope to add this to all of our packaging soon.


How free are your almond and coconut flour of soy?

We do use shared lines in our gluten free facility. All lines are cleaned between runs and our employees are well versed in Good Manufacturing Practices. I would say that the risk of cross contact is minimal, but we do have soy in that facility that produces the almond and coconut flour.

wondo says:

do your wheat germ is an organic product are its not because looking at it i dont see organic so i want to know for sure

wondo says:

just wanted to find out if your wheat germ is organic notice i dont see it an the package so that could be its not right?

Our wheat germ is not organic.

wondo says:


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