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World Porridge Champions

Matt stands proud after being awarded the title of World Porridge Champion

Matt stands proud after being awarded the title of World Porridge Champion

Yes, today we were awarded the title of Golden Spurtle Champions. I am still in shock and can hardly believe that we now hold the Golden Spurtle for a year. I promise you a full report tomorrow, when the dust has settled and I can put the day’s events into order. Thank you all for your support over the last six months. We could not have done this without you.

Just to be clear, the title of Golden Spurtle World Champions is awarded for the best traditional oats- oats, water, salt. We did not win for our fantastic oat brulee, but on the merit of our oats alone. We are all the more pleased by this title.


Bob C says:

Congratulations Matt.

We are so proud of you. We can’t wait to hear all the details and see your pictures from the trip.

Mom and Dad

Eric says:

Congratulations to the Team at Bob’s Red Mill!

Ramona says:

Hurrah for the team. Always nice when local folks are WORLD Champs! Everyone at the Joy Creek Office is also looking forward to hearing details. Enjoy!

Eideard says:


Our family starts every day with porridge oats – and that includes 2 dogs who join us at breakfast.

Yvonne & Bill Fyan says:

Congratulations on winning the award. The first American to win! We are all proud of you and the entire Bob’s Red Mill Team.
Yvonne & Bill

Lloyd & Darleen Dilbeck says:

We all know man does not live by bread alone so congrats on the new award. One more reason to continue to use Bob’s products.

Lloyd & Darleen
Beaver Chapter Model A Ford Club

Jonna Wolf says:

I read the article this pm in the oregonian and just had to go to the website to see what the outcome was…I have to tell you that when I saw the message from Matt’s parents I was brought to tears. I have a 19 year old daughter that has been attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York since February and I am so proud of her. I am looking so forward to seeing and experiencing what she will accomplish in her life…You are and should be so proud of Matt. What a wonderful award…..Congratulations Matt!

Jonna Wolf
Milwaukie Resident

Joan says:


My husband and I met you briefly at Bob’s when you were still perfecting the “fancy” recipe. (I was there to write a story for NW Veg.) I just wanted to say I think it’s especially impressive that you won in the traditional category–so few ingredients to influence the taste and texture–like you and Bob’s products are as authentic as it gets! Congrats!

Tim Cebulla says:

Congratulations Matt, I’m proud to have contributed in my small way.

Ben says:

Wow! I just read the blurb in today’s Oregonian about you being over there and thought on a lark to check your blog to see how u faired and wouldn’t u know it, u made Oregon proud! I am a big steel cut oats eater and thrilled to know the title now rests in Oregon! Way to go. Travel home safe after a few wee nips of Scotlands finest sour mash!

Congratulations Matt.. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishment. Have a great time celebrating this great award! We will be searching the Poconos for your Porridge. Please send us photos of the event when you and Ashley return.

Mark, Denise, Kaylee and Brittany

Christina Almond says:

I’m a long time fan of Bob’s Red Mill products! CONGRATS–glad to hear you won!! I read about this via today’s Amazon Al Dente email newsletter.

Julie Smith says:

Congratulations Bob’s Red Mill!! Fantastic news! I’m celebrating with a bowl of steelcut right now!

Congratulations to Matt and to Bob’s Red Mill! We blogged about this great triumph on the Whole Grains Council website at

BRM Accounting Office says:

We are all beyond thrilled to hear that our very own team won the Golden Spurtle Award!!

Have a safe trip home everyone!

Rhonda says:

Congrats Matt and your team. Great job! We’ve added some information about this prestigious award on our blog. We want our visitors to know of this great accomplishment for Bob’s Red Mill

[…] For more details about this exciting event, read Matt’s blog. […]

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