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Hi! I’m Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. For the last few months, people around here keep telling me that we need a blog to keep you, our customers, in the loop about what exactly takes place at our mill. Last week, they finally convinced me. So, welcome to The Mill Room.

I have found, as I circulate around my world of trade shows, customer calls and visiting with folks at our wonderful mill outlet store, that people want to know where their foods come from and how they are made, so we are opening our doors to you. Unlike many companies these days, we make our own products, controlling the entire process from the source of our grains to their arrival in your kitchen. You can visit this blog to read about exciting new products and keep up to date with mill happenings and just plain learn how we make our products.

In the next few months, we will be telling you about some of our great employees that help keep the mill running smoothly. I’m a busy guy and don’t want to be stuck behind my desk when I can be out checking on the mills or watching trucks unload, so most of the time I’ll have one of my fine staff keeping our blog site running for you. I’ll chime in now and again to tell you about my latest adventures in whole grains. In the meantime, enjoy The Mill Room!

To Your Good Health,

Bob Moore


Judy Shaw says:

Dear Bob: I am concerned about our nations financial future and I am looking for ways to secure food today for tomorrow. How long does cut grain last before going rancid? Do you irradiate your grains? I hope not. I would like to buy about seven years of various grains, legumes, etc. I enjoy a wide range of your products. I have considered buying in large quantities and storing it in tins using co2 to get rid of any dormant vermin eggs. I also have a large quantity of large mouth Mason jars. Would glass jars possibly sweat and create mold? I was considering using the tins and after opening a tin placing the product in the glass Mason jars until used and before opening the next tin. In consideration of temperature, I would be storing in my upstairs room; I live in Fort Worth Texas. Do you sell only the cellophane bags? Would you consider sealing in tins and before sealing inject Co2? Please suggest other options. Judy

Chelsea says:

Majority of our grains have a shelf life of 2 years if stored properly. We do recommend that whole grains be stored in the freezer or refrigerator since it will keep them fresh and bug free for that time. I am sorry, but we do not really have any information about long term storage. We have not heard of any issues using mason jars for storage so this should work fine. Our grains are not irradiated but our products are only packaged in the cellophane bags. Packing them differently would be cost prohibitive and we are not set up for that type of packaging, unfortunately. Thank you for you interest in our products!

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