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Train with Grain: Welcome Aboard the Pain Train

Sign up and get a Train with Grain kit to fuel your ride.

We’re very excited to introduce a fun, new program here at Bob’s Red Mill—Train with Grain. We know that many of you already use whole grains to fuel your workouts and boost your training efforts, so we’ve created a special program to both reward you for your efforts and teach newbies about the benefits of adding whole grains into their training regime.

What is Train with Grain?

Train with Grain is a training program of sorts. Simply sign up and pick a race to train for. Right now, we’re limiting your options to certain cyclocross events across the country; later, we’ll add different races and different sports. So if you’re a triathlete or marathoner, be patient, we haven’t forgotten you.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Train with Grain kit full of whole grain goodies and a sweet Train with Grain armband. Then, keep checking the Train with Grain blog for training tips and recipes as you gear up for your race.

On the day of the race- wear your armband and be sure to stop by the Bob’s Red Mill booth to be counted. We’ll take your photo and mark your attendance. Each time you check-in, we will enter you into an end-of-the-season drawing to win a cyclocross bike. More races = more chances. It’s that simple.

After the race, we’ll post photos of all of our participants for you to tag yourself and your friends on Facebook.

Where do I sign up?

It’s simple – visit the Train With Grain page ( or simply click the tab above) and sign up! We’ve made it really easy, so you just have to follow the directions and wait for your kit to arrive in the mail. Give yourself at least a week before your race. The kits will take anywhere between 4-6 business days to arrive and we’d hate for your race to come without your kit.

We hope you’ll join in the fun and become a member of the Train with Grain community.

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