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Time Saver or Piece of Junk? (Giveaway)

Kitchen gadgets: everyone has them taking up room in their drawers, cupboards and pantries. If you’re like me, you have five pieces of kitchen junk for every one gadget that you use regularly. I have a whole drawer in my kitchen dedicated to the gadgets that see the light of day once or twice a year, some that may never even leave the drawer. Some have come to me as gifts, while others I may have purchased thinking it was the miracle solution to some kitchen conundrum that I had. When we moved two years ago, many got purged and donated, but just as many odd gadgets have come to take the place of their predecessors.

To think I had not two, but THREE of those egg boiling timers (you know, the ones that look like eggs and change color). Do you think I’ve ever used them? Maybe once, only to discover that they’re pretty hard to read at the bottom of a boiling pot full of eggs! I have three completely different solutions to peeling garlic, although I only really use the knife-smashing method. I have bowl scrapers, bench knives, pasta measuring tools, an avocado scooper/slicer, TWO boiled egg slicers (one was clearly not enough) and on and on. While I should just purge them, who knows when I’ll need an extra egg slicer? What this makes me realize, though, is how many gadgets I use frequently and absolutely love- like my zester/grater and my immersion blender. What gadget do you break out frequently and love?

In honor of another gadget that I love, even if I only use it on choice occasions, I’m giving away a classic rolling pin. Just a plain and simple, wooden rolling pin. To make it an even sweeter prize, I’m throwing in a set of flour-sack towels and a classic whisk, too. You can truly never have enough towels in a kitchen, especially soft light towels. I use these towels for everything from pressing tofu to covering bread dough while it rises.

How to enter:

Simply leave me a comment here on the blog (comments on the Facebook post will be counted as well) and tell me your favorite kitchen gadget. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long, just a plain and simple “I love my ___.” I’ll select a winner at random from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 07/18/11.



Sara P. says:

I love my peeler. I feel like I use it more then anything else!

Lindsay M. says:

I do love my egg peeler — besides eggs, it makes great slices in mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and strawberries.

Jill H. says:

Silly, but I love my Misto – it replaces aersol sprayers, and is reusable, refillable…and I control exactly what goes in it.

Pauline (Sands) Rowe says:

I love my pastry blender. Never could get the hang of using two knives, but the pastry blender works great!

Kim R says:

I love my sushi mat because I love to make homemade sushi. I also do like my garlic press too.

Meghan says:

I love my grandmother’s old fashioned egg beater. It mixes just about everything and is so much fun to use!

Stacey G. says:

My favorite kitchen gadget is my ceramic knives. They cut through anything and stay sharp!

Cristen says:

I love my zester. I’m not sure I could function without it ;o)

Kim says:

I love my peeler! And also my cheese grater! We stopped buying already shredded cheese a long time ago and now I buy big blocks of cheese and grate at home – it tastes so fresh and soft – a world of difference from packaged shredded cheese…
And my zester and a couple of good wooden spoons… 🙂

Karen Lyles says:

I love my little 7″ long silicone spatulas. They are so handy for cleaning our bowls, pans, stirring, etc. Now I just need a little whisk to match.

Margaret Haffner says:

Whisks! Use them every day for something or other.

Karen says:

I love my microplane!

ikkinlala says:

I love my wooden spoon, both because it works really well and because my dad and I made it.

LeeLee says:

We both love microplanes for cheese and I like my plastic spoon with the hole in the middle.

Cindy says:

I love my heavy wooden spoons which work well for everything I cook in the kitchen!

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