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Spar for the Spurtle: The Big Reveal

Alright, without further ado:

The finalists who will compete in Bob’s Red Mill’s Ultimate Oatmeal Throwdown are:

The three finalists were chosen from the nearly 50 home cooks and professional chefs who submitted video recipes that featured Steel Cut Oats. I know the judges had a very hard time making a decision and spent a few hours watching the videos over and over again looking for just the right dish and the right personality. And no, I was (thankfully) not one of the judges. You guys know me- I would have flown out all 50 entrants and met them all face to face… then where would we be?

Now, the finalists will be flown to Portland where they will compete in a live cook-off on Friday, August 26. The finalists will prepare their recipes from scratch in front of an audience at Bob’s Red Mill’s Whole Grain Store. The grand-prize winner will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges (we’ll tell you who soon) and will travel to Scotland to compete in the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship.

So how did the judges select the winners? I know some folks will be wondering why the video with the most votes didn’t win. This is what I have heard from the judges themselves.

A variety of criteria was used to select the finalists, including site visitors’ votes, use of Steel Cut Oats as a featured ingredient, ability to appeal to the Scottish judges’ taste-palates and whether the recipes could be prepared in the competition’s allotted 30-minute time frame. On top of that, they took into account how the person handled themselves. It’s a lot of pressure to be under during the Golden Spurtle- you have cameras and microphones in your face during your 30 minutes.

Congratulations to the finalists! I cannot wait to see these dishes being created! We will be working to get all of the recipes from all of the videos on our website soon, there are so many delicious uses for steel cut oats (again, see why I’m not a judge??)!  In the meantime, check out the winning videos and the rest of the great entries at

I will also be posting more info about the Portland cook-off in the next few days so you can come out, if you’re around and watch the fun for yourself.





Lynn Rose says:

What a waste of time voting!

Michaela Rosenthal says:

I love the Porridge Patties. Unique.

Merry Graham says:

I’m very honored to have been chosen as a finalist in Spar for the Spurtle! My Black Bean Porridge Patties are really delightful, and I’m proud of myself for developing a healthy unique patty. I am grateful that the contest challenged me to make something other than a bowl of oatmeal. I love oatmeal but WOW I never knew how wonderful steel cut oats are in savory dishes. I will forever be thankful!!! Anyway, some of my friends have made the patties and report back “fantastic” and other raving reviews. I’m thrilled to come to Portland, make the patties, and present them to the judges. Both the gingerbread oatmeal with custard sauce and the nutty oatmeal with caramelized bananas look delicious ~ hope I get a bite.

I knew that the Grand Prize was a trip to Scotland with the Bob’s Red Mill team, however, I guess I didn’t realize that the winner would be competing. I thought the winner would be watching the chef from Bob’s Red Mill. So can you clarify for me, does the winner of the Portland Spar for the Spurtle actually compete in Scotland? Thanks! Always, looking forward ~ Merry

Hi Merry,

Yes, the plan is to have the grand prize winner do the actual competing in Scotland. Don’t worry, though, the competition won’t be any more daunting than the one here in Portland next week and we’ll make sure the winner is coached and ready for the big day. 🙂

Congratulations to the 3 finalists. Best of luck in Portland. =]

Jenn Tidwell says:

Go get ’em Merry!!!

Merry Graham says:

Thanks, Cassidy, for the information! I told my friends who are rooting for me, “one stir of the spurtle at a time”. I can’t think about Scotland yet. Anyone could win in Portland because all of the recipes will be delightful yummy! It just depends on who doesn’t burn the mush on the butane burners ~ LOL! I am eager and hope to try each recipe. Gingerbread ~ YUM, Caramelized Bananas on oatmeal ~ YUM! See you soon!

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