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Six Days and Counting!

Can Matt keep the trophy? Watch here to find out how we do on Sunday.

We have a mere six days until the 2010 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship! Boxes have shipped, lists are being made and we’re all scrambling like mad to be sure we won’t forget anything (read: trophy). We hope we can secure ourselves another win and we’re feeling pretty confident. Matt is full of energy to take on the Scotts and Bob is just pleased as punch that we’re heading back to one of his favorite spots.

After the competition, we’ll be taking a bit of much-needed R and R, so I’ve lined up some great guest posts and have an awesome giveaway that I’ll tell you a bit more about tomorrow. Keep up to date with our progress here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

We need your support to be the best we can possibly be and I know Matt would love to hear from you over the next few days. Leave us comments here or give us a holler on Facebook and Twitter and show Matt just how much you love him!

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