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Show your love and win prizes!

Ever wanted to show Bob

how much you love his products?

Here’s your chance.

Bob's no stranger to being behind the camera- now it's your turn.

Bob's no stranger to being behind the camera- now it's your turn.

I will be giving a presentation to Bob and other members of our company about what it is we do online and how we meet people like you. Beyond showing them just how many friends we’ve made and how many tweeps we have, I would like to show our company how incredibly inspiring our customers are and continually prove to be.

So get silly, get serious, get wild and send me a 30 second (maximum) clip showing me why you love Bob’s Red Mill. I will award the winning clip (and the creative genius behind it) a $50 gift card to be used on our website and there will be sweet prizes for two runners-up. So tell your friends and get out your cameras- videos must be entered by 8/17/09 to win.

Here are the rules (because we have to):

1. Everyone is eligible to enter (except those lovely employees who work for Bob’s Red Mill).

2. Keep it clean! Videos with foul language or other inappropriate material will not be eligible for this contest.

3. We will be sharing this content online and by entering you give us permission to use your video as we see fit. If you have any qualms about that, please feel free to email me directly and we can work out a compromise.

How to enter:

Post your video one of two ways:

  1. Post it to Youtube and send us the link via Twitter, Facebook, as a comment to this blog post, or old-fashioned email (
  2. Post it on Facebook to the Bob’s Red Mill Fan Page

Include your details:

Phone Number


sara lafountain says:

Here is our video:

In case you cannot understand our words, here they are:

Bobs red mill is the best,
It is way better than all the rest~

We love your oats and soup or bread mix,
It quickly gives us a healthy fix!

With organic, gluten free and granola too,
There are always great choices for me and you!

Hope you will pick us!
The LaFountain Family

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