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Safe and Easy Long Term Food Storage

Proper long term food storage will keep your food free from spoilage and bugs, as well as keep you fed in the event of a natural disaster. We have a few great tips for storing your food over the long term.

Safe, long term storage starts with:

  • Clean Product. You can trust Bob’s Red Mill for clean and pure product.  Our relationship with our product starts at the source, with the farmer who produces the grain. We maintain personal relationships with farmers from across the country and make an effort to visit their farms. Together, we ensure that we’re offering the best product available, while always using best practices.
  • Clean Storage Container.All of Bob’s storage containers are safe for your home storage.
    • 5 Gallon Bucket:  This high quality bucket is made in the USA from virgin resin. It is BPA free and FDA approved food grade plastic, making this bucket excellent for long term food storage. This bucket includes an airtight lid with a food grade rubber gasket to ensure against contamination or infestation.
    • Bob’s Clear Plastic Containers are made in the USA, BPA Free, and FDA approved for food. These bottles come in 32 ounce and gallon sizes. These plastic containers are not dishwasher safe; please wash by hand.
  • Air Tight Seal. All of Bob’s Red Mill storage containers come with an airtight lid. The Gamma Seal Lid is a great convenient option for buckets accessed on a regular basis.  This lid snaps on airtight for safe storage, but has a spin off lid that enables easy access to ingredients. When done, simply spin the lid back on to seal with an airtight gasket.  Gamma Seal Lids are made in the USA and fit the 5 gallon bucket that we sell.
  • Oxygen Absorbers. These packets eliminate the presence of oxygen in foodstuffs such as grain, rice, and beans. Oxygen absorbers are just what you need for long-term shelf stability. Use one oxygen packet per 5 gallon bucket. Our premium oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from airtight sealed food storage containers. Removing oxygen stops oxidation to dramatically extend food’s shelf life and helps prevent insect activity. These absorbers are single-use and cannot be reused.

Do you have more tips for easy and safe long term food storage? Let us know in the comments.



Food stored at a cool temperature will last longer. The Gamma lids are the way to go when using a 5 gallon bucket. It makes it so easy to get in the habit of using your food storage because the containers are so easy to open. I keep a 5 gallon bucket of all of the essentials in my pantry.

Rony Mikal says:

Clean storage container could be a great idea for storage. it is safe to keep food in it for long duration.

Myra says:

I always reuse the storage containers, they do such a great job for multiple uses and after they break I leave them for recycling.

Ally says:

Great article! I love it when people use good storage for their food items as it makes it a lot easier when they come to move. I’ve been looking for the oxygen eaters for a while, great idea and very handy!

your link to the 5 Gallon bucket doesn’t seem to work though 🙁

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