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Running Free (Giveaway)

Let me start this post off with a confession: I am not a runner. I exercise, but I don’t run. The only running I do is after our pup to keep this or that from becoming his next victim.

Jessica Lee, Julie Gilliam (Bob's Red Mill) and Michael Sandler pose with their lovely dog Sawa, the ultimate barefoot runner.

Two weeks ago we got a phone call from Michael Sandler, author of Running Barefoot. He was in town and wanted to come meet us. My coworker, Julie, was beyond excited to meet Michael and his running/writing/life partner Jessica so we set up a  tour and meeting with them. I was a little nervous to meet someone who has built their life around running in a way that throws conventional running on its head.

You see, Michael and Jessica run barefoot. Everywhere. In all seasons. According to them, barefoot running is a more natural way to run. When you wear running shoes, your stride lands you on your heel first. Barefoot, you land on your toes first, which allows for natural shock absorption as the rest of your foot hits the ground. Landing heel first passes the shock up through the body and is part of what leads to bad knees and hips. Being the novice runner that I am, I had all sorts of questions. Jessica told me the key is starting slow. Your feet will be more sensitive at first and your legs will tire more easily. Like any new sport, take baby steps and before you know it, you’ll be up and running.

Michael and Jessica have a wonderful life philosophy, “Feel the Earth beneath your feet and run free.” We talked about food and nutrition- Michael is gluten free, mostly raw and vegan. He fuels himself on gluten free oats, flax, chia, hemp and nutritional yeast, plus lots of other things to keep his diet varied. The two spend most of their time on the road, with stops at their Boulder home occasionally to refuel and recharge. We met them at the end of a long summer about to start a full month off. Both were excited to go home and recharge for the publication of their next book and get ready for some marathons this fall. I can only imagine running a marathon barefoot!

We left this meeting feeling excited to try our feet at barefoot running and we want to share our excitement with you. Michael and Jessica gave us signed copies of Barefoot Running to share with you. I have 12 copies (they were so generous) to share with you.

This book is simply amazing. It gives step-by-step training advice, tips and tricks, guidance on nutrition and is, essentially, a how-to for barefoot running. I love the title of Part One, “Why on Earth Would You Want to Run Barefoot?” Isn’t that what we all wonder when hearing about running barefoot. Good information coupled with good methodology make for an inspirational read. Now, I know this book is not for everyone. Not everyone is a runner, nor is every runner ready to rethink how they run.

If you are ready to rethink how you run or take up running for the first time, like me, this book will inspire you to try a new way of logging miles. One that will undoubtedly help you stay fit physically and spiritually.

How to Win:

I’m giving you a couple of ways to win this time.

Mandatory Entry: Simply leave us a comment here and tell us what intrigues you about running barefoot.

For a bonus entry, visit RunBare’s facebook page and “like” it ( THEN, come back here and tell us that you did it.

That’s it, you can get two entries. I’ll pick 12 winners from all who comment by 11:59 on 08/14/11.



Ooo teacher pick me, pick me!! I liked Run Bare FB page.

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