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Roots and Shoots

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job at Bob’s Red Mill is the diversity of projects with which I am tasked. On any given day, I might spend four hours proofreading, two hours writing, an hour photographing products and an hour surfing our little portion of the web. Some days, however, are filled with projects that I never would have dreamed I would get paid to do.

Over the last few weeks, I have been helping Bob prepare his presentation for Oregon State University‘s nutrition students. I have spent the last few days sprouting grains and beans and documenting their growth progress.

I was skeptical that our grains would not hold the same life that seeds purchased specifically for sprouting might. I was wrong. Check out what a little bit of water, darkness and warmth can do for these grains!

Day one: Skeptical that anything will sprout- from left to right, Kidney Beans, Wheat Berries, and Mung Beans.

Day two: after only 24 hours- look at the root formation! Clockwise from left: Kamut® Berry, Flageolet Bean, Mung Bean, Wheat Berry, Baby Lima Bean and Kidney Bean (middle).

Day six: Look at how big they’ve gotten in just a few days! From right to left, we have mung beans, wheat berries and kidney beans. You can clearly see the formation of wheat grass.

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