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Racing Nutrition – Starting with Whole Grains

Everyone is different when it comes to race nutrition, but all too often we get it wrong and our bodies feel terrible. Here is a basic guide to pre-race and post-race nutrition:

Start by trying out different foods on your training days to see how your body will feel. After trying out all sorts of things, I stumbled upon Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats as my pre-race breakfast, and I’ve never looked back!

Both Steel Cut and Rolled Oats are great pre-race choices due to their low glycemic index and ability to digest easily and slowly. These oats are also surprisingly high in protein, making them a well balanced pre- or post-race food.

Pre-Race Recipe: Steel Cut or Rolled Oats with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Or add seeds, nuts and cinnamon. If you eat eggs, you can also crack an egg into your cooking oats a few minutes before they are done and stir it in.

Post-Race Recipe: Try a savory version of Steel Cut Oats, Quinoa or Barley Pearl. Add diced apple, dried fruit, nuts or seeds, tofu cubes, salt, pepper and spices to cooked grains as a perfect post-race meal.

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