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Portland’s Vegan Iron Chef

Bob’s Red Mill is used in a lot of vegan kitchens around the world since our whole grains are so paramount for plant based food nutrition. Whether you sprout the wheat berries, make soup with the lentils, a summer salad with quinoa, a smoothie with protein powder and chia seeds or baking up some nice muffins with the whole wheat pastry flour, our produced are used.

When Try Vegan PDX contacted us for a donation for their Vegan Iron Chef event we were happy to oblige. Our products were used in the pantry stock for the chefs and we also provided gift bags for raffle prizes. I was lucky enough to be attending the event, and wow, it was phenomenal! I have to admit I never watched on TV a profession iron chef competition, but watching these local vegan chef powerhouses fight against the clock to make plant-based appetizers, entrées and desserts with the secret ingredient chocolate, I was impressed. The food looked both creative and delicious. Each chef had a unique approach to cooking and methods used for making their tasty creations.

In the end, Qausu AsaaseYaa of the Portland food cart Asaase Ital Palace won the Vegan Iron Chef title and specially made trophy. Her foods are described as African-Caribbean Ital Soul food and they looked impressive. I am so happy we were able to be a part of this remarkable event.

Qausu prepares her winning dishes

Qausu prepares her winning dishes

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