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People Before Profit

Long before Bob Moore announced that Bob’s Red Mill was to become an employee-owned company, people were clamoring to know more about the man behind the mill. Since that momentous announcement in 2010, the clamor has grown to a roar and the inquiries just keep flooding the phone lines. Who is Bob Moore? Is he even real? What led him to start grinding whole grain flours on stone mills? Why does he make flour with stone mills?

As our customers, you know that Bob is very much a real person, but you may not know all the details of how he got his start in milling and what led to Bob’s Red Mill becoming a leading manufacturer of stone ground, whole grain flours, cereals and baking mixes. This is why we are thrilled to announce the release of Bob’s biography: People Before Profit: The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Bob’s Red Mill. This inspiring biography details how Bob overcame challenge after challenge to build our company and become the world’s foremost provider of whole grain foods for every meal of the day.

Bob spent countless hours over the last two years working with author Ken Koopman telling his story from his modest beginnings to where he stands today. Bob says, “I am truly humbled by the release of this book. I am amazed to think that there are people who would be interested in reading my life story, and the fact that this book exists is a true testament to everyone who has helped to make Bob’s Red Mill what it is today.”

To celebrate the launch of Bob’s biography, we’re pleased to give away 3 signed copies of this book. You can have it signed generally, or have it made out to someone special. As a big reader, I can truly say this book is worthwhile. Don’t want to wait? You can pick up a copy for the special introductory price of $17.95 on our website.


We had a few hiccups during our last few giveaways, so I’m going to try and explain myself a little better for this one. We are going to use this handy app (handy for us) to count and tally everyone’s entries. There is a great 45 second tutorial for how to use this app here. It’s pretty simple, enter using your Facebook login or an email address and password. You absolutely must leave a comment to be counted. I do double check, so don’t think clicking on “I did this” and not commenting will win you a prize. Do be sure to leave your comment and click on “I did this” or you won’t be entered.

Mandatory Entry:
Fact: Bob’s favorite cereal is our Scottish Oatmeal. What is your favorite Bob’s Red Mill cereal? Tell us in the comments to be entered (then be sure to click “I did this” in the app below).

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Sharon says:

I just finished this book and am now a Bob groupie! I recommend that everyone needs to read “People before Profits”, it was so nice to see a business person who not only has been an extremely HARD worker, but is very CARING for his extended family of employees as well.

Next goal for me: to become an employee! Not for the “ownership”, but because I have very high respect for the company and Bob.

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