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Our Quality Process Explained

From farm fields to our facility and kitchens around the world, Bob’s Red Mill guarantees the quality and safety of our products every step of the way. This commitment really shows in our gluten free protocols, which include especially rigorous purity testing and processing products in a dedicated facility.

Quality. Integrity. Safety. Trust.

That is the Bob’s Red Mill promise.

Our commitment to quality begins at the source.

Bob farmer quality non-GMO

Bob accepts nothing but the highest quality ingredients and has put in place industry-leading quality assurance standards.

Bob quality non-GMO

Each arriving shipment is thoroughly inspected, sampled and tested.

quality non-GMO

Because we’re committed to keeping Bob’s Red Mill foods natural, we built our own GMO testing lab with cutting-edge technology. Our staff scientists use state-of-the-art, German engineered equipment to test for the presence of GMOs.

quality non-GMO

We use a Farinograph to measure the performance of our flours, so we can be sure customers will have a successful baking experience.

quality non-GMO farinograph

The source of gluten free ingredients matters—that’s why we work with farmers who understand safe gluten free practices.

quality non-GMO

At our facility, we isolate our gluten free products and store them in dedicated silos.

Bob Grain Tanks quality non-GMO

We sample and test each gluten free shipment immediately upon arrival and continue testing throughout the entire process.

quality non-GMO

We meticulously test all products, including gluten free foods, to ensure purity.

quality non-GMO

All gluten free products must meet a standard of less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

centerfuge quality non-GMO

Our quality control lab employs an R5 monoclonal antibody ELISA test to ensure maximum safety.

elisa quality non-GMO

We regularly test samples from the packaging line to make sure customers are getting only the best gluten free products.

testing sample quality non-GMO

All gluten free goods are quarantined in a special waiting area until their safety and quality are confirmed by our quality assurance specialists.

gluten free quality non-GMO flaxseed

All gluten free storage, milling, mixing and packaging is carried out in a dedicated facility used only for gluten free products.

GF mill room quality non-GMO

We measure the level of enzyme activity in our finished products to make sure they will perform exactly how your customers expect them to.

quality non-GMO

Our Quality Assurance Team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

quality non-GMO

Our chef tests each product to make sure it is delicious, dependable and easy to prepare.

bread baking quality non-GMO

Chef Sarah House is continually developing and refining recipes in the Bob’s Red Mill Test Kitchen.

quality non-GMO


Jaime Schier says:

Hi Cassidy,

Terrific article! Any chance I could trade emails with someone in your QA Lab familiar with the R5 ELISA testing? It has become an issue of interest to us recently; we would like to learn a little bit about the testing protocol to explore the possibility of performing the assay in-house. If it would be possible to ask a few general questions I’d be grateful!

Jaime Schier
QA/QC Manager
Harpoon Brewery

Darius says:

To Whom It May Concern,

Why is it that per the following statement from within this blog post, you claim to perform advanced testing to confirm that your grain is non-GMO, yet many of your products to not state this on your label? Example: Your gluten-free Pancake Mix which contains Corn Flour and Corn Starch?

I was so disappointed when my family consumed this mix this morning as we have vehemently avoided GMOs exclusively for almost a decade now.

Quote from your blog:
Because we’re committed to keeping Bob’s Red Mill foods natural, we built our own GMO testing lab with cutting-edge technology. Our staff scientists use state-of-the-art, German engineered equipment to test for the presence of GMOs…


All of our products are produced using non-GMO seed. Please call our Customer Service Team at 800-349-2173 for more information and read this post:

Kathleen Donnelly says:

Hi, just checking with you re: how natural is the process. I learned potassium bromate is used in most flours during processing. Can you enlighten me as to if your company uses this ingredient in any of it’s flours? I have a pre-cancerous condition, and I need to really watch what I consume.
Thanks so much for your time,

No, our flours have not been bromated. Please feel free to call us at 800-349-2173 if you have further questions.

Jennifer Jones says:

Hi I am dong a project on Oats in my Human Geo class and I need a diagram to help explain you guys produce your oats.

Jennifer, please email us at with this request.

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