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Our Policy Regarding GMOs


Please read our updated policy here.


With all of the attention swirling around genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we’ve been getting a heap of questions about our products and GMOs. Rest assured, at Bob’s Red Mill, we are committed to providing identity preserved products exclusively.

“Identity preserved” means that the seeds that were planted to grow our crops came from a non-GMO source. We work constantly with our farmers and suppliers to ensure that the ingredients we procure are non-GMO. In fact, each of our corn, rice, soy and flax suppliers is required to sign a statement which affirms that their ingredients come from non-GMO sources.

Planting identity preserved seed is just the first step in ensuring that products are non-GMO. That is why we have recently procured state-of-the-art testing equipment that allows us to begin our own in-house testing of our products. Our goal is to implement a testing protocol that is acute and prolific.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for keeping natural foods natural. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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*UPDATE: June 3, 2013

As purveyors of all-natural wheat, the articles published recently reporting the isolated discovery of GMO wheat in Oregon is an important issue for Bob’s Red Mill and we are taking it very seriously. Bob’s Red Mill maintains, as it has for over a decade, a strict policy which mandates that each and every one of our grain suppliers provide us with grain that was grown exclusively from Non-GMO seed. To support our policy, Bob’s Red Mill requires that each of our suppliers sign an agreement committing to comply with that policy.

In light of the report that GMO wheat was detected in Oregon, from where Bob’s Red Mill purchases only a relatively small amount of wheat, the company has begun the process of immediately contacting each of its Oregon wheat suppliers for confirmation that they only supply identity-preserved, non-GMO wheat.


I think I’ll just throw out the two bags of Bob’s flax seed I have. I just have such distrust of food growers these days! I know of an organic farm source in Montana that I can trust so they’ll get my business.

Harvey P. Giasson says:

Why aren’t your bags labeled non-gmo ? I’ve trained myself to be wary of those not well-marked. Why don’t you print up some sticky labels and affix it to your products ? Also, I was wondering if any of your farmers are using Roundup or other herbicides and pesticides. Where is our assurance that your products are free of these….meaning the non-organic ones ?

That is a great question. We are in the process of changing over our packaging. We appreciate your patience in the process. For the full article on Roundup, you can find it here

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