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Our Friend Nesa in Serbia

The following is an example of some of the nice letters we receive- this one from the other side of the world! In June of 2007, Bob received a message from Nebojsa Spasojevic (Nesa) on our website. Nesa owns a small milling and baking company in Serbia and wrote to invite Bob to come speak at a seminar being held there for Serbian millers.

Nesa wrote, “Serbian millers often ask us about new ideas or what is next in milling industry and my answer in the last 3 years is “do as Bob’s Red Mill does”.”
Bob was unable to attend the seminar but communicated with Nesa several times to gather together all the appropriate and helpful information he could send.

Today Bob received the following email and pictures from Nesa:

Dear Mr. Bob,

You are responsible for my new habit of bread eating. For almost 6 months I have been milling and baking my own bread. I have installed a small stone mill and home bakery machine in my kitchen and spend only 10 minutes in milling and preparing everything before pushing the button on the baking machine. Almost two years ago, when you were unable to participate in our Milling Days conference, I had a presentation about you and your magnificent production. From that time you and your mill is well known here in Serbia.

Best regards to you, your wife and all Bob’s Red Mill crew.
Neboja Spasojevic

Pictured here, Nesa displays the beautful loaf of bread he made using the bread machine and home mill. (above) Nesa and his son, Darko. (below)

Nesa has a great sense of humor and sent this picture of his French bread from the breadmachine. (below)

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