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National Flour Month: Wheat Flour Primer {Giveaway}

March is National Flour Month and flour is something we get pretty excited about at Bob’s Red Mill. After all, we make a lot of different products, but flour is special. Not only do we use our millstones to grind it, but we take a whole grain and mill it into a whole grain flour. Nothing added, nothing removed. One pound of grain in, one pound of flour out. It’s pretty simple, but pretty amazing, too. In honor of National Flour Month, we’re doing a little series on the different types of flour that we offer. Each week, we’ll giveaway a set of flours to a lucky winner. This week, we’re starting with the different varieties of wheat flour that we produce. If wheat flour isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ll cover our other flours all in good time.


Wheat flour is probably the single most ubiquitous flour in the world. It is in nearly every packaged food and baked good you look at, even those things that you never think about being baked at all. It’s in those pretty breads at the bakery, the flour tortillas at your local Mexican restaurant, the boxes of pasta you just bought, it’s the backbone of couscous, the thickener in sauces, the breading on your fish, really and truly, as anyone with gluten intolerance can tell you, wheat flour is everywhere. In a perfect world, everything made with wheat would be made with whole wheat flour, but we all know that the world isn’t perfect and that beautiful, fluffy pastries are best achieved with white flour. So we make the best choices we can and practice a bit of moderation.

Whole Wheat Flour: Standard whole wheat flour is milled from high protein, hard red spring wheat. This flour has a minimum protein level of 13.5% and is excellent for bread baking and anywhere yeast is used as the leavening agent (think pizza, pretzels, etc). Because it is whole grain, baked goods using solely whole wheat flour will be a bit more dense. Use a combination of 50% whole wheat and 50% white flour to create a balanced texture and crumb in your baked good. Adding vital wheat gluten to your baked good will improve the elasticity and rise of your dough (use 1 Tbsp per cup of flour).

whole wheat flour unbleached white flour

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Whole Wheat Pastry Flour is milled from soft white wheat and has a maximum protein content of 13%. This is an excellent choice for baked goods that use baking soda or baking powder as a leavening agent. The lower gluten content does not trap air bubbles as effectively as conventional whole wheat flour, which will not give yeast-risen baked goods the proper rise they need. Use this flour for pastries, cookies, cakes and quick breads.

Hard White Whole Wheat Flour: This special flour is one of our favorite products at Bob’s Red Mill. Milled from high protein, hard white wheat, this flour is the best of both worlds. Light in color, yet full of whole grain goodness, hard white whole wheat flour has a sweeter flavor than conventional whole wheat flour, appealing to those that find whole wheat baked goods to be slightly bitter. It is ideal for bread baking, but can be used for other baked goods. Like regular whole wheat flour, it will make baked goods more dense, so it can be used in combination with white flour to achieve a lighter texture.

Unbleached White Flour: This is not to be confused with All Purpose Flour. Standard unbleached white flour is milled from the same hard red spring wheat as whole wheat flour, but has the germ and bran stripped away to produce a white flour. It has a minimum protein level of 13% and is often referred to as bread flour. This flour is ideal for breads and yeast-risen baked goods, but can be used in place of all purpose flour for most recipes. Read more about white flour here where we go into bleaching, bromating, enriching and more.

Unbleached White Pastry Flour: The refined counterpart of whole wheat pastry flour, this flour is milled from soft white wheat with the bran and germ removed. This flour has a maximum protein content of 9%, making it both the lowest protein wheat flour we carry and the most ideal for fine cake and pastry baking.

Semolina Flour: Semolina flour is the quintessential flour for pasta making and is milled from durum wheat. It has a sandy texture and contains about 12% protein, making it great for bread baking and pizza crust.

Graham Flour: Graham flour is quite simply a coarsely ground whole wheat flour. Milled from hard red spring wheat, graham flour can be used in place of whole wheat flour, however it should only be used for about 20% of the flour in your recipe or you will end up with a very dense baked good. Graham flour can be substituted for Whole Meal Flour with little difference in the texture of the baked good. Graham flour is not made from ground up graham crackers as some people believe, but it can be used to make graham crackers.

Unbleached White Flour



We’d like to give one lucky reader a set of our whole wheat flours- organic whole wheat flour, organic hard white whole wheat flour and organic whole wheat pastry flour. To enter, simply follow the directions in the app below. We’ll pick a winner at random from all who enter by 12:01 am on 03/13/13.

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Natalie S says:

I like whole wheat pastry flour!

Maryann D. says:

I prefer 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat flour

Cat G. says:

I like them all, it just depends on what I am baking. I have no less than 5 different types of flour on hand at home at all times. 🙂

Stephanie says:

I love wheat flour!

Christina says:

I love bobs red mill products! Especially the whole wheat pastry flour.

Maria says:

Whole wheat pastry flour is great for all mom’s baking!!

Catherine Cox-Shaffer says:

My favorite flour is the semolina flour for pasta. My husband and I really enjoyed it. The flavor was nutty and tasted so much better than store bought pasta.

Charlotte says:

I prefer organic, whole wheat,unbleached pastry flour.

tara pittman says:

like whole wheat flour

Jodi Monroy says:

I like the White Whole wheat flour. The best of all worlds!

Whole wheat flour is the best!

Bonnie K. says:

I prefer the 100 % stone ground organic whole wheat flour.

Kierstan says:

Thank you for this post! I am going to print a copy and put it in my pantry as an easy reference for what flour I should be using in all of my baked goods!

vicky says:

Would love to make some no-knead bread with these!

vicky says:

Oops, didn’t realize I was supposed to answer a question. I like white whole wheat flour. It’s great for subbing in for most of the white flour in a recipe. I use it a lot for making pizza dough.

Audrey says:

I like White Whole Wheat flour

Jennifer Holovack says:

I prefer the white whole wheat, but i like them all 🙂

Margie says:

That Rafflecopter thing never works for me. I click on it but never get to leave a comment. I prefer organic, unbleached, whole wheat. I haven’t figured out how to make a decent loaf of bread yet though. But I’ll keep trying until I get it right.


It sounds like it is working fine. You’re just supposed to leave a comment here on the blog. 🙂

Jeffrey says:

I prefer white whole wheat, makes great pizza dough!

I like using white whole wheat flour.

Amy says:

I’d love to try these!

Yvette says:

I prefer the 100% stone ground whole wheat!

Camille says:

I regularly use the whole wheat pastry flour and the white whole wheat. I would love to try all the flours.

I have all these and the whole wheat pastry flour is what I use the most.

I love and use tons of organic unbleached white flour and occasionally use a bunch of other wheat flours and gluten-free flours from Bob’s.

Christina says:

Love Bob’s! All of ’em!

purplelarkspur says:

I like whole wheat pastry flour!

Donna H says:

I love them all!!! But I would love to try the whole wheat pastry flour!!!

Chelle says:

I love all things Bob’s Red Mill. Favorite flour — coconut flour!

SandyN says:

I’ve only tried the whole wheat flour. Can’t wait to try the others!

Noel says:

I love whole wheat pastry flour for baking muffins!

Jennifer M. says:

Hard white whole wheat flour

Michelle says:

I love using white whole wheat flour.

Janet Wehlitz says:

The whole wheat flour makes the best bread – I make a killer Breakfast in Bread loaf in our bread machine. SO glad Bob’s Red Mill is in our area!

beatriz says:

we like the 100 % stone ground organic whole wheat flour

jacquie says:

white whole wheat flour – use it almost everything now

Karen says:

I like whole wheat pastry flour.

Christine says:

I love white wheat! Thanks for this giveaway!

Linda S. says:

I think that whole wheat pastry flour is my new favorite.

Lisa D. says:

I would love to try the Hard White Whole Wheat Flour but I use your Whole Wheat Flour regularly to bake bread.

Doina says:

I like white whole wheat flour

Catherine Enfield says:

White whole wheat flour

Lisa Keys says:

I use the whole wheat pastry flour regularly and also love the almond flour

Marchell WO says:

I like the Whole Wheat Pastry to make peanut butter cookies.

RangBtsan says:

I am GF but my family likes part Standard Whole Wheat in freshly baked breads

I usually use organic whole wheat but would love the chance to try the other ones I haven’t tried before

Brian says:

The Hard White Who Wheat is fantastic and I love to cook with it! Keep doing what you do well–providing us wanna be master chefs–with quality products and we’ll keep buying the best! Thank you!

Katie M says:

I love whole wheat flour for bread baking. Over the years, I have developed a tasty recipe that uses whole wheat flour, oats, wheat bran, brown sugar, salt, water, and yeast. It produces a hearty bread that we use for sandwiches and toast.

Margot C says:

organic whole wheat flour

Janet says:

I use all of the wheat flours. Love them all.

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