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My Favorite Piece of Gear: Meredith Miller

What is my favorite piece of gear? Tough question! For anyone who has been involved in cycling long term, you know all too well that there is a lot of gear that comes with the territory. In fact, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to choose the best helmet, the most comfortable shoes, the lightest bike, the coolest sunglasses or even the right bike light.

Having been in the sport for as long as I have, various pieces of gear has found its way into every nook and cranny in my house. I’m in a fortunate position that I have multiple items to pick from when I am deciding what glasses to wear that day or what wheels to use, but there is some gear that stands out in my mind as my go to gear on a daily basis and for every road trip – Thule luggage. It’s my gear of choice I use to pack the rest of my gear of choice. As Thule says, it’s

“Designed to meet the specific needs of people who take their gear from point A to points B through Z and want to make sure it gets there in one piece and ready for action.”

Thule has kept the “gear head” in mind by designing every size and shape of luggage imaginable to give every person the flexibility in packing just what he or she needs. When packing I have multiple bags to choose from – a small 56 Liter rolling duffel to carry-on, an 87 Liter rolling duffel to check-in, a 70 Liter duffel, a 30 Liter backpack. Depending on how many days or weeks I will be on the road, I might choose just the small carry-on duffel or I might have to go with all of the above for the long 3 week haul.

Regardless of the length of the trip, the one bag that stays with me at all times is my 30 Liter backpack. It fits all the small bits and pieces that I need in the front pocket, my MacBook, power cords and books in the main, spacious compartment and my glasses and other fragile items in the crush-proof compartment. The side pockets are a handy place to stash cash that I’ll find on a later trip just when I need it. Plus, it’s super comfy and fits well even when it is loaded down with all sorts of odds and ends inside.

All of the Thule bags are incredible durable, easy to maneuver, roll smoothly and are functional for any type of gear. Hands down, Thule bags are the best (and my favorite) for carrying all the rest.


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