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Mixing It Up: Gluten Free Pizza Crust

We’re going to get a little personal up in here. Not too personal, mind you, but perhaps sitting at the same table rather than just eating in the same restaurant. I had a baby (our first) last October and, as any parent can attest to, life got complicated quickly. Gone were my hours to fiddle with this recipe and that. Heck, it was a miracle if I got into the kitchen at all! Luckily, I had planned ahead (thanks to the wonderful mom-friends I have) and had several meals in the freezer. I also stocked my cupboard with a few packages of our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix for dinners that my husband could prepare in a pinch. I knew money would be tight and ordering out was likely to be out of the question for a while. Additionally, I knew that I didn’t want to spend any unnecessary time kneading or rising pizza dough from scratch.


Let me tell you, we fell in love that first groggy October night when I’d finally convinced myself to put down the baby and enter the kitchen. I have liked our pizza crust mix since we released it in 2008, but this is new, this is love. I don’t eat a gluten free diet, but I happen to find this mix to be a wonderful combination of ingredients for a pizza crust. It’s not for everyone, I’ll give you that, but it sure beats many recipes that I’ve attempted. It has whole grains and so what if those grains happen to exclude wheat?

Here is what I do to make this mix really shine. I’ve even tested these minor adaptations on my husband who managed them and made a delicious pizza from *mostly* scratch.pizzacrustmix

  • Instead of eggs, I use the suggested egg replacer of flaxseed meal and water. I first tried this when we were out of eggs and the store was out of the question. Not only did it work well, we liked it more. Plus, it gets a little extra flax in our lives and, for that, I am grateful.
  • I make sure my hands are wet, like really wet, when spreading out the dough. I know it seems kind of gross, but truly, it makes a huge difference. As soon as my hands start to get sticky, I run them under the water again. Making sure to spread the dough out as thin as possible. Don’t worry, with the pre-baking step, the little bit of extra liquid becomes negligible.
  • In that vein, I spread the dough out as thin as possible. Thinner = crispier.
  • Then, and here is what I think is our coup de grace, I sprinkle a *light* layer of mozzarella cheese over it before pre-baking. I think this makes it a little crispier. You could try this method with a non-dairy cheese such as Daiya.
  • I don’t do this every time, but you can add a bit of garlic powder, oregano and red pepper flakes to the dry mix to give it a little extra pizzazz.

From there, I cook according to the package directions. We like pizza pretty simple at our house, so it’s usually just a combination of cheeses. Sometimes we add tomatoes, sometimes we make it a barbecue pizza with pineapple, bell peppers and chicken (“chicken” at our house). It doesn’t really matter what we top it with. It comes out great and it is E-A-S-Y and that’s a four-letter word that I can get behind now that I have a B-A-B-Y.

Do you have a secret to making this mix work for you? Share in the comments. Who knows? I may just kick down some random coupons to those who comment (that’s another word that has a whole new meaning!).


Megan M. says:

I love this mix! I too use the flaxseed and water mixture instead of eggs. I sometimes will add oregano and basil to the dry mix. I also always add an extra pinch of salt to the mix. I use wet hands to spread the dough, but I like a little thicker crust so I don’t spread mine out so much. I pre-bake the crust because the toppings I usally put on the pizza don’t require much cooking time. After the pre-bake, I usually put a light layer of sauce on the pizza and then pile on the toppings. I love roasted veggies on my pizza. I usually take tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, red onion, and mushrooms and roast them off with salt and other herbs. After the roasting, I drain the veggies and then put them on the pizza. It’s a little time consuming, but worth it!

Nicole Junk says:

I am so glad I stopped by your blog today! I am always looking for great products to add to my plant based life style including while grains and no meat or dairy and your little pizza I think has fit the bill! I am so excited to try this. Sprouts here I come! Thanks!

Sharon W. says:

We love this mix! My husband is a die-hard pizza lover. If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be pizza. So imagine his heartbreak when we realized gluten was causing health problems for all of us and all he could have was the nasty gluten free “pizza” offered by some restaurants. Then I spotted this at the store and decided it couldn’t be worse than our other options. I thought he would start crying from happiness when he bit into the first slice because this is PIZZA. And without any slaving away in the kitchen! (Important for this mom of 2 littles!) No particular “tips” since we love it as is, although I would really like to buy a pizza stone, I think it might bake up better than on a cookie sheet.

Thanks for the feedback Sharon!

Joanne S says:

We love this mix too! I also use really wet hands. I find parchment paper with cornmeal sprinkled over the paper does wonders for having easy clean up as well as an easy transfer to the cutting board. I too have babies(3!) and we stock up on crust! thx

Danadelicious says:

I agree the flax seed method is the way to go! It adds such a yummy nutty flavor. I’ve never had to do the wet hand trick because I use the plastic wrap it rises in for that job. I simply put the dough on my pizza stone and using my hands or a rolling pin, flatten out the dough. I lift and move the plastic wrap accordingly as I roll and flatten. So easy! After par baking my favorite toppings are a pesto base with picked ramps, sun dried tomatoes, green olives with pimentos and chunks of burrata cheese. Heaven!

Sounds delicious Dana!!

Mary Gerlach says:

What are “picked ramps” and “burrata” cheese?

Kari says:

Well, I guess I will have to try this again and wet my hands. I found the dough to be super sticky and kept adding additional gluten free flour in order for it to roll out. Once I did get it on the pan and baked, it was delicious! I loved how it browned and was a perfect thin crust. I am a health coach and always encouraging my clients to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets, this is the perfect way to have your Pizza and eat it too!

Maureen says:

Hi there, we are new to Gluten Free eating and cooking and I’ve got a package of the gluten free pizza dough here. There are only 2 of us so I want to know if I can freeze the dough after it has been allowed to rise?
Thanks so much 🙂

Yes, you can freeze half and defrost when you’re ready to use. If you have the room in your freezer, I’d recommend spreading it out into the shape of the pizza crust, par-baking it, then freezing. That way, all you have to do is defrost, top and bake when you’re ready.

Hey Cassidy

I was just wondering if you knew the exact flour ratio in this flour mix. I can’t eat this flour blend because it has sugar in it but I would love to try to make it at home. Thanks!

Mandy Dugas

I cannot give away the proportions of this blend, as it’s proprietary, but here is a close approximation of what it is- almost even parts brown rice flour and potato starch, and about 2/3 of that amount for millet and sorghum flour, 1/2 the amount for tapioca flour and 1/5 the amount of for potato flour. a small amount of xanthan gum and sea salt and a touch of guar gum. I’m sorry that I can’t be more scientific about this.

Susan Armstrong says:

Just bought a pkg of this pizza crust mix & there are no directions as to how to mix it up – there is a pkg of yeast in it. I assume there must of been a label with the directions missing. Can you help me……I have the mix in the bowl!

Oh no! Yes, I will email you directions right now.

Sue Venditelli says:

Can you also mail me the directions. I want to make soft pretzels with my son but I only have the directions for the cinnamon rolls. Thanks.
We love your products especially the brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, I just emailed you to get your address.

Kathy Jaeck says:


I love your flowers and grains. Recently I purchased a 25 lb bag of GF Pizza Crust Flour and would like the recipes I can use with this flour to make bread, rolls and pizza crust. It doesn’t come with the yeast either so I would have to know how much to add.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kathy Jaeck

Hi Kathy,

Please visit our website at for recipes using this flour. You need approx 1 Tbsp yeast per 1 lb of mix (enough for two crusts).

jim walton says:

I have a pize oven and usually prepare Neopolitan style thin pizza. Have you tried to prepare such a crust and do you think this dough could cook at a high temp like 700-800F and give good results?

We have not tried it, but I’d imagine it would work just fine.

Cindy says:

I read on the package that a person can make stromboli with this mix. We want to try pizza-pockets, which I imagine is similar… Should we just mix it up per the bag instructions, pinch off portions and make similar to the perogies listed on this site?

Hi Cindy,

This sounds delicious! I would recommend mixing the dough as directed on the package and following this recipe for pizza pockets: Your dough will be more sticky, but it will work great. I’ve made them at home using this mix (I just winged it) and they were a big hit. The key is just making sure your dough is thin enough, but not too thin.

Danise says:

The dough consumes my hand mixer and makes a terrible mess! I thought I was going to have to throw the mixer away! Any tips? Thxs!

Gluten free dough has a tendency to do that because of the xanthan gum. Honestly, I would recommend mixing this by hand. It usually comes together pretty easily by hand. Because it does not have gluten, mixing with a mixer will not make the dough chewier or rise better. We’re so sorry that this happened, though, and would very much like to make it right. Please call us at 800-349-2173 or email to see about getting a new package of mix.

Tia says:

I have tried many recipes replacing the eggs for the flax substitute and none of the doughs rise. What could I be doing wrong? I even made some of the same recipes and used egg just to see if it was something in my method. I really like this pizza mix but would know some tips to get it to rise correctly with the flax egg substitution. We are vegan and gluten-free so that is a key component for us. Thank you for your help.


First, the dough does not rise much to begin with. By omitting the structure that eggs bring, it will be difficult to get much of a rise out of the dough. To get more of a rise from the dough, you might try adding some baking powder. Otherwise, I would not worry too much about it.

Brian says:

A few things I tried which have perfected the flavor/consistency.
Add 1 to 2 tbl spoons of garlic powder to the dry mix
Add 1 tsp salt to the dry mix
Add 2 tbl spoons of dried oregano to the dry mix.
I use a little less water than what they say.
I used my ninja blender dough blade to mix the dry dough first.
I then add all ingredients to the mix and mix on lowest speed for 15-20 seconds.
It mixes perfectly
I then spread it out on a pizza pan using plastic wrap and a rolling pin to a desired thickness.
After backing at 400 without cheese/sauce until its slightly golden i add sauce and cheese then place it directly on the oven rack and cook until done.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Brian says:

Can this mix be used as a cake mix?

Maybe, but we haven’t tried to use it that way. I think it would have an undesirable texture.

Brian says:

Are any of Bob Mills mixes such as pancake and pizza crust GMO free?
Please post this as its extremely important.

Yes, at Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. You can read our full non-GMO policy here: For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

Carol Hankwitz says:

Was watching hockey on tv. Ended up reading entire Blog. Love you and your gmo free products !!!! May bake yet tonight.

Thank You ! c

Peggy C says:

Have Bob’s ( Gluten Free ) Red Mill Homemade Bread Mix — on the back it says to go to the website for directions on using to substitute for Pizza dough mix.

Couldn’t find any locally — must all be sold out 🙂 ,,, so could you steer me in the right direction with what I have ?


Yes, we’ve revamped our site. I’ll send a link on Monday.

Desi P says:

I absolutely LOVE this mix! And my non-Gluten free husband and friends love this pizza every time I make it for them. I wish restaurants would use Bob’s Red Mills instead of whatever that awfulness is they all seem to have.

I have made this countless times over the last several years and recommend brushing a little olive oil over the crust after the pre-bake and before adding toppings. Also, I don’t use pizza sauce, I thinly slice tomatoes and layer them on first, before any of the other toppings. These 2 things help the pizza crust stay nice and crisp. Thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing your tips! We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying this mix.

P. Erbes says:

Less of a mess
I use Parchment Paper Sheets for the bottom of pan
I put half the dough on sheets
top with Clear multipurpose sealing wrap
use rolling pin to flatten out the dough
Clean and easy

After baking the crust
I “dust” lightly the edges with a small amount of Celtic Sea Salt,
this enhances not only the taste provides other nutrients

I replace the call for water with Coconut Water
Coconut water contains many organic compounds
This to enhances the sweet taste

Awesome! Thank you for these great tips. Coconut water?? What a great idea! I’ll have to try that next time.

Peg says:

I love this crust can it be baked on a pizza stone?

Yes, absolutely! The only issue I foresee is spreading it on the hot stone. If you spread it out on wax paper and flip it onto the stone, that should work just fine. If you try this, we’d love to know how it comes out!

Amanda says:

I wanted to try to make a dough from the pizza mix to wrap hot dogs in like kolaches, but u would like it to not be crispy. Any tips to make the pizza mix work?

I’m sorry, but we have not tried to do this with our mix.

John Hill says:

I have an Allergy can you give me a list of corn free flowers that I may use.

Your site gives me products that contain CORN when I search for CORN FREE.


I’ll have someone from customer service follow up with you via email.

Laura Sischo says:

I have a question for you ..why don’t you include that great sauce recipe from 20/10/04. best recipe ever .

Thank you! Great idea!!

Laura Sischo says:

I’m sorry I forgot to include the recipe HOME MADE PIZZA SAUCE.,use it all the time .I don’t know why I waited so long .,I thought I would share .I’m 70 yrs old
Love your products .
Laura Sischo

Melissa Sheddan says:

I love this mix! I’m glad to know I can freeze it. I use a pizza stone from pampered chef that doesn’t require preheating. My husband likes this crust better than regular crust.

Penny says:

Is it possible to use this mix without yeast? My son has a yeast allergy. Or do I have to use the scratch Bob’s Red Mill recipe I found online? Trying to still make pizza for my son as its his favorite meal! Thanks!

Penny, If you can’t use the yeast at all, you can omit the yeast but it WILL turn out very dense. You can experiment with using 2 teaspoons – 1 tbsp of baking powder instead of the yeast. We have not tried this, but a customer made a point to call us back and said it works well!

Linda says:

would love to try the cinnamon rolls but my package does not have the recipe — do you know where I can find it

Diane Boelens says:

I really like Chicago style (thick) crust pizza. Has anyone tried this mix for thicker pizza crust? If so, suggestions or tips are appreciated.

We have not, but it’s a great idea! Hopefully someone will chime in with some ideas.

Mary Kedl says:

I want to make dinner rolls using the Pizza Crust mix. What should I do?


I’m so sorry, but we don’t have a recipe like that. Your best bet is to call our customer service team and ask our recipe specialist: 800-349-2173

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