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Introducing Gluten Free Extra Thick Rolled Oats {Giveaway}

We’ve really been on a, ahem, roll around here lately and let me just say that we’re not done yet! We’ve got one more new item to tell you about later in the week and, yep, you guessed it, we’re going to give some away, too!

If you’ve never been able to try our extra thick rolled oats before, now is your chance. These oats are rolled extra thick, making them heartier and chewier than our old fashioned rolled oats and light years away from quick and instant rolled oats. Extra thick rolled oats are a truly old-fashioned oatmeal. As Bob would say, “This is what oatmeal should taste like.” Our conventional extra thick rolled oats have long been a customer favorite in our line, which is why we’re so excited to be able to offer them to our gluten free customers, as well.

As with our other gluten free oats, these are grown with care to ensure they are gluten free. Each delivery is sampled using the R5 ELISA Gluten Assay to ensure the absence of gluten and packaged in our gluten free facility. Please be aware, however, that a small percentage of people cannot tolerate even the purest of oats. If you are unsure whether oats are suitable for your diet, please check first with your health advisor before eating them. Read more about oat (or avenin) sensitivity here.

These oats will be available in stores near you in the coming months, but if you absolutely cannot wait (and you don’t win), they’re on sale on our website at 25% off through the month of May.


We’d like to giveaway a package of our new Gluten Free Extra Thick Rolled Oats to three lucky winners. To enter? Simply leave us a comment here on this blog post and tell us one gluten free product you that wish we would make. We’ll pick three winners randomly from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 5/9/12 (that’s end of day tomorrow).


Jennifer Hellendrung says:

So far EVERYTHING you have been is on the top of my list:) Best flour, cookies, pizza crust and oatmeal. I would love to see some tortillas, cream soup mix and pizza crust(premade). Thank you for making the products you do make, it makes being gluten free so much easier.

Diane M. says:

I love your GF oats, but I do miss eating a certain circular oat cereal- it would be great if you made a GF version!

Hm. That’s a hard one, since you make so much. Coconut flour? Pretty sure. Whole rye flour? Totally. Maybe buckwheat flour? Though I’m sure you make it, they just don’t sell it at my stores.

Joy says:

I would love a gluten free peanut butter cookie!

Allen T says:

I wish you would make a gluten free angel food cake mix. I miss having angel food cake. Your gluten free basics and mixes are just wonderful. Thank you for your commitment. It makes my life much more healthy and I feel good when eating your products.

jason B says:

I looooove your oats, though they are realllly expensive in my country, but worth every penny, thanks for producing such high quality goods.

if I had to wish on one thing Id say a good tasting gluten free granola 😉

Andrea Booth says:

I would appreciate some high-protein cereals or mixes to go with my low-carb diet ..

Sara P. says:

I can’t think of a single thing I would like that you don’t make!!!

R LIN says:

Gluten free flour mix without include tapioca flour.

Jeffrey says:

Your Gluten Free section is quite extensive, but I think some Gluten Free Pasta would be great!

Casandra Wallace says:

I would love it if you could make peanut butter powder like PB2, where they press out 85%(?) of the oil/fat but it still has all the flavor.

Also, I love vanilla powder, where vanilla bean is removed from the pods and then sundried. It has all the flavor of vanilla exract but without the alcohol.

Love your products!

Amanda Dalrymple says:

I love these also! In fact, I love all the GF oat products! I think these are great for breakfast, and for rolling on top of cookies or sprinkling on muffins and such. My guinea pigs love to eat them too! 🙂

Rebecca says:

I bet you could make a great gluten-free pasta! I’m still trying to find one I like.

Susan says:

I LOVE ALL of your GF Products! Would LOVE to see you make a GF Cake/Cupcake frosting mix!

I love all your products so much, but would love a gluten-free flour mix that is bean free! I’m sensitive to beans and it would be great to have an all purpose flour that didn’t use them!

heathersf says:

muffins and scones!

Karen King says:

granola please.

Nancy G. says:

I can’t think of a thing that you don’t already make.

Billiejean says:

I LOVE everything! Maybe some type of whole grain cereal?

Sarah Matheny says:

I would LOVE to have a delicious gluten free brownie recipe!

Sarah Matheny says:

I would love a gluten free brownie! I am on the verge of trying Nutritional yeast, I’ve heard it’s yummy sprinkled on savory dishes 🙂

Barb says:

GF Apple, cinnamon hot cereal would be awesome!!!

Liz says:

Yum, these look so amazing! My favorite cookie (and my family’s!) Is chocolate covered raisin oatmeal cookies. I would love to make them GF, and I bet they would be extra delicious with these extra thick oats!!

I love all your products but I am trying to add more protein and fiber to my diet, so how about offering quinoa flakes in addition to your quinoa flour please? That would be my wish. I love to bake and cook, the healthier the better. I love to make all kinds of muffins and have them for snacks or breakfast so the more nutrient rich they are, the better. Is there a 6-grain cereal you can make gluten-free too please?

Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! I would have to second those who say a brownie mix and granola. Oh my, that would be heaven!

Apparently there is brownie mix and I have never seen it in my store 🙁 Must find!!!

Megan D says:

I would love some angel food cake mixes for the berry season!

Hannah says:

Those oats look amazing!

Gluten free granola 🙂

Meredith says:

Love all of your GF products — you’ve got pretty much everything covered! BUT, I’d looove some fluffy little GF gnocchi. Mmm.

Briana says:

Gluten free bread mix that doesnt have tapioca or potato starch 🙂

Love your new gluten free oats!!


I wish you made more gf mixes without bean flours! I think they taste too bean-y.

Linda S. says:

Well, it’s not quite gluten-free, but instead is low in gluten: I’d love it if you offered farro.

Vashti M says:

I’d love a GF banana bread mix!

Ashlei says:

I’d love to see a gluten free pie crust mix.

fran stipe says:

I need a cost effective bread without wheat, rice, rye or barley—Please!!!

Kelly says:


Avis Reddaway says:

I use the flat oats for my granola without oil recipe my husband eats daily! I then use my recipe to teach people hands on how to make my granola recipe. Their nose guides them to the kitchen during the baking. With my granola recipe I make cookies and toppings for deserts. Even sent the flat oats to my 90 year old cousin in Nebraska because she can’t get Bob’s at her store. She loves the oats too! Try an oil free granola recipe and tell people how to make fruit crisp!

KH says:

Cream puffs!

Jenna Rhodes says:

All I buy for gluten free oats and flours are your brand its by far my favorite out there 🙂

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