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Happy Fourth of July!

All of us at Bob’s Red Mill want you to know that we wish you a very happy Fourth of July!

I truly don’t expect anyone to read this tomorrow, so we’re hitting you early. I realized that it was near pointless to post these awesome (and fun) ideas tomorrow when you’re already in full swing for celebrating. I’ve gathered some fun articles/recipes for adding a little extra flair to your regularly scheduled festivities:

Frozen Assets: Exotic (and healthy!) popsicle recipes from Women’s Health: Creamsicles using yogurt and blood oranges, Thai Iced Coffee pops and Blueberry Lavender Lemonade are just a few of the fun flavors you can create.

Red, White and Blue Potato Salad from Cooking Light: So delicious and fun, though good luck finding purple potatoes… I came up short on my hunt this week. Which makes me wonder why potato salad is so common during the summer if potatoes aren’t technically in season until late summer/fall…

Lady Liberty Cupcakes: Really fun and not something I’ve seen before. Because these use a cake mix as a base, you could easily sub a gluten free cake mix and cones or your favorite recipe (we’ll look the other way if you choose one without whole grains). How cute would the kiddos look toting around mini torches?

Savory Watermelon and Blue Cheese Salad: It wasn’t until I tried a savory watermelon salad that I truly understood… This is a wonderful (and oh so easy) way to show off your culinary prowess and put a new twist on a classic summer food.

Fourth of July Crafts from Martha Stewart: I’m not a huge Martha fan, but she does have some pretty great ideas for decorating. There are crafts here for adults and kids alike, plus ideas for making you bike (and dog!) fabulous for the Fourth.

Watermelon Fun: Seriously, there are recipes for turning a watermelon into a race car, airplane, VW Beetle and even a boat. I bet the kids would love it and probably all of the adults, too. You know what would happen if I attempted this? A huge mess of watermelon everywhere and a creation that looked like, well, a halved watermelon that had been squished! Ha! I bet some of you guys are crafty enough to pull one of these off, though.

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