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Why Yes, We DO Have Gluten Free Oat Bran! {Giveaway}

Ever since Duchess Kate Middleton was reported to have slimmed down for her wedding dress using the Dukan Diet*, oat bran has seen a huge surge in popularity. Whether or not you believe in the Dukan Diet, oat bran is an incredibly healthy addition to your diet. For starters, oat bran is high in dietary fiber. The soluble fiber helps soak up bad (LDL) cholesterol from the blood stream, while the insoluble fiber helps move that cholesterol and other waste out of your body. Oat bran also packs a pretty good protein punch with 5 grams of protein in a 1/3 cup serving size. Between the fiber and protein, this cereal is a fantastic way to fuel your day. Oat bran can also be used in smoothies and baked goods such as muffins, quick breads, cookies and more.

Since our introduction of certified gluten free oats in 2007, we’ve been getting request after request for gluten free oat bran. For the last two years, folks here at Bob’s Red Mill have been working to bring you the high-quality oat bran you’ve come to expect from us and ensure it is gluten free. Well, folks, they finally did it! We’re pleased as punch to be able to offer the health benefits of oat bran to our gluten free customers!

Our new gluten free oat bran is made from the same oats that we use to make our gluten free rolled and steel cut oats. Each delivery is sampled using the R5 ELISA Gluten Assay to ensure the absence of gluten and packaged in our gluten free facility. Please be aware, however, that a small percentage of people cannot tolerate even the purest of oats. If you are unsure whether oats are suitable for your diet, please check first with your health advisor before eating them. Read more about oat (or avenin) sensitivity here.

This product will start appearing in your local stores in the next few months. If you simply cannot wait, we’ve got this product on sale through the month of May at 25% off on our website. Check it out here.


We’d like to giveaway a package of our new Gluten Free Oat Bran to three lucky winners. To enter? Simply leave us a comment here on this blog post and tell us what you would make with gluten free oat bran. We’ll pick three winners randomly from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 5/3/12 (that’s Thursday). 

*If you are interested in the Dukan Diet, please know that they have approved our oat bran as a good substitute for the special oat bran called for in the book.


Daniel Ashworth says:

I would like to incorporate this into some of our breakfast meals, sides and baked goodies.

Thanks for the offer!

I’d definitely be making some oat bran muffins.

Vivek Chawla says:

I will mix it with my Smoothies!!!!!

Linda S. says:

I’d make some bran muffins.

Joe W says:

I add it to my breakfast shakes!

Meredith E says:

Breakfast goodies! Cookies! The possibilities are endless!

Desiree says:

I would make some good sweet bread for my boy.

Diana Curtis says:

this is going to go in my first batch of granola, along with flax seed, sunflower seeds, and honey and eaten with relish! (in the joy sense, not the stuff put in tuna salad)

Jeffrey says:

I would make some banana bread!

Lisa says:

Anything and everything i can think of. This is great. Thanks for adding this to your gluten free line up!!!

Christina M. says:

I will be making raspberry oat bran muffins! 🙂

Heather Bruce says:

The regular Oat Bran…I eat it EVERYDAY. It is SO delicious and nutricious that I’ve made it a staple in my daily diet.

I would LOVE to give the GLUTEN FREE a try! Who knows, THAT may very well become the NEW staple in the balanced diet and healthy lifestyle that I try so hard to maintain:)

Appreciate ALL of the work your team does to produce such WONDERFUL products…

Respectfully yours,

E_F says:

that’s going into my homemade granola. And my applesauce muffins.

Tracy Sylven says:

I will absolutely be making some peanut butter oat bran granola bars!

AJ says:

Wow, this would make an EXCELLENT granola bar! We are new to gluten free and very interested!

Tami Bussinger says:

I would use it to bake all sorts of goodies that I am unable to afford right now :)…..especially some really good Rhubarb Oat muffins with streusal topping :)…

Sarah says:


jaimie says:

cereal! muffins! cookies!

I would use it in muffins. I buy your gluten free already so can’t wait to try this!

Tim Delaney says:

Pizza crust, bread, crackers

Thanks for another stellar GF product. Love the GF oatmeal already!

Andrea says:

I would add it to my morning oatmeal!! Or cookies, or etc… 🙂

Annette says:

I would add it to my GF granola and muffins!!

Sandra West says:

I would make muffins and granola bars. My kids love your gluten free oatmeal, and my daughter loves to bake with it. I can’t wait to see what she tries with the Oat Bran.

Christina S says:

I would probably make muffins or some kind of breakfast cereal out of it. ^-^

I would love to have your Oat Bran please. I am a huge fan of Bob’s Red Mill products and have been baking GF for years. Thank you Bob for all you do for the celiac community. Hugs & Love to you and all your team.

Breanna Henderson says:

I would make GMO-free granola for my younger sister and I!

Liz says:

oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless! I would definitly make some breakfast goodies, like muffins, scones, even pancakes!

Julie says:

I would use it in my banana chocolate chip muffins!

Snacks for my kid’s lunches. They can always do with more gluten free options to make their classmates jealous of all the great food they get to eat on their gluten free/dairy free/egg free diet.

Granola bars would be a lot of fun! It would also add some more variety to our breakfast routine.

Deb Underwood says:

Would make some strawberry/oat brand muffins for my son who has to eat gluten free.

Amanda Dalrymple says:

Ooooo…there are so many things to make! Add a little to my GF breads, muffins, cookies, smoothies, granola bars and maybe I’ll even try to bake some crackers for once! Thank you Bob’s Red Mill for more gluten free awesomeness! 🙂

Nancy G. says:

I’ll use it in yummy Carob Joys.

Linda Metters says:

I have many food allergys along with being Gluten intolerant. I would add your oat bran to all things that could use it, from cakes, cobblers, muffins, cereals and whatever sounds good!

heathersf says:

muffins! baking!

B. Rothstein says:

I would definitely use it in some muffins, and I’d mix some in with my Greek yogurt.

Sandra Hassler says:

I am always looking for more gluten-free products for my husband (recently diagnosed with celiac’s). If I had oat bran, I would make him some blueberry oat bran muffins that he could grab on the go as he left for work. I’d also use a few teaspoons in my bread and pizza crust recipes to add a little something extra to the texture (and nutrition).

Lori R says:

I would use it along with GF Oats in my homemade granola recipe.

Billie Jean says:

I LOVE oat bran! I bought a bag a month or so ago and had it everyday with a mushed banana and almond butter with dried fruit! I’ve tried other brands of oat bran but nothing compares to Bob’s Red Mill!

ashley says:

First, thank you for the chance…second, I would love this so I could experiement with muffins & such. Just started the diet & your products look to be a great option to my new diet!!! Thank you!!!

Wallace Stuart says:

Breakfast cereal: 1-1/2 Tblspoons gluten-free oat bran, 1 Tblspoon oat meal, 1 Tblspoon flax seed meal, and 1 Tblspoon black quinoa seed. Boil it all in water. Add fat-free Greek yogurt. Stir. Enjoy!

sadie verina says:

I would look to create oat bran cream cookies – a sandwich of total goodness with two 3.5 inch cookies and a delicious butter cream filling.

jessica says:

I love both the gluten free rolled and steel cut oats. Steel cut for breakfast and rolled for oatmeal as well as granola, meatoaf, cookies etc. I would love to try this oat bran in my own gluten free baking/cooking adventure.

Sue Edwards says:

I would add it to any baked product and to my smoothies!!

Kristi P. says:

I would add it to a lot of baked goods, but mostly I’d add some to the oatmeal I eat every morning!

Sylvia says:

A handsome addition of more fiber and protein, the gluten free oat bran will become part of these super-star no-bake cookies: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chia Balls. If you haven’t tried this recipe, it is a real keeper! Wholesome, satisfying and guilt-free – no more chocolate cravings, and no more blood sugar swings ’cause the protein and fiber balance out the carbs.

patricia says:

infinite possibilities

Lori says:

I would make muffins and throw it in to my GF granola!

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