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Give it up for the Customer Service Team!

picture1This week has been a long one for our customer service team. They have been fielding extra phone calls and inquiries about the conspicious abscence of our website. I think they deserve a huge THANK YOU for all they do every day! The gals do a great job answering the hundreds of emails we get every week and answering questions about everything from baking bread to sprouting grains. Each of them is amazing and comes to work with a smile for everyone and a spring in their step. 

Website is down? No problem- the girls handled it with grace and have been working diligently to answer all the calls, emails and letters we are receiving. 

In case you missed it before, if you need customer service or to place an order while our site is down, please call 800-349-2173 or email 


Linda Masure says:

My pantry is FULL of so many of your products. I really like them. I am “wheat” intollerant NOT “GLUTEN” INTOLLERANT and I am looking for a baking book that uses wheat free recipes.( I can still eat gluten) I am not interested in a gluten free baking book. Do you folks have any cookbooks ? I can’t seem to find one from your company anywhere. Please reply. Thank you. Linda Masure


We do not have a cookbook that is specifically wheat-free, but we do have a cookbook. You can view it here: You may also try looking for cookbooks that feature baking with ancient grains or alternative flours. I recommend Good to the Grain by Kim Boyce:

Jean Michel says:

Per instructions I went to your customer service to get instructions on converting bread machine recipes to hand made and have yet to find those instructions. Would you please clarify?

Jean Michel

From my personal experience, most wheat-based bread recipes by hand go like this: proof yeast in warm water (whatever volume is called for) with sugar (if called for in recipe). In a separate bowl blend dry ingredients. Make a well in dry ingredients. Add oil to liquid ingredients (if called for). Then, pour liquid ingredients into the well you made in the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Knead 5-10 minutes. Let rise 45 min or doubled. Punch down, form into loaves and let rise 45 min or until doubled. Then bake. Please call us at 800-349-2173 if you need further assistance.

Marybeth Brod says:

Please tell me whether or not “Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch Unmodified — 24 oz” is the type of resistant starch that is
considered a prebiotic food? And if that is the case, can it still
be considered as a “prebiotic” food or to do so must it be eaten
uncooked? There seems to be confusion about your product in
this regard. Please check with whomever there would know for
sure and then reply. Thank you. – Marybeth Brod

No, it is not a resistant starch.

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