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Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Jan Chernus (but were afraid to ask)

Jan has been a valued member of our sales staff for 10 years. It’s a big change from her very first job – working at her father’s pharmacy in New York City.

Jan loves her job and considers it fun. She presents new items to distributor and store chain customers, sets up monthly promotional activity and ads, works at trade shows, and prepares presentations to communicate the benefits of whole grains to our customers. Since she enjoys cooking and baking, she does some in-depth demos at some natural food stores, showing the public how to prepare our products and bake whole grain breads, giving them recipe ideas and demonstrating our gluten free baking mixes.

She especially enjoys working with large grocery chains, showing the category managers how to provide better shopping experiences for their customers by providing whole grain, natural, organic and “good for you” options. She tries to provide them with concise and factual information about the whole bake category, not only Bob’s products, so she can gain their trust and help them maximize the profitability of their shelf space.

Jan doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but she enjoys working crossword puzzles. She spends a lot of energy making sure her kids have what they need – good food, school supplies, family time, happy vacations and memories.

Her last vacation was spent in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She rode an SUV on the beach and in the desert, and zip lined across several steep canyons. Every year she goes snow skiing with her family at Lake Tahoe. She also spends a lot of time off visiting her family in Florida.

Jan’s ideal day off would be spent doing yoga, walking, and reading.

Her favorite dessert is chocolate fudge layer cake, and her favorite hot cereal toppings are flaxseed meal and blueberries.

The only food she doesn’t like is olives (not Brussels sprouts, as I might have suspected).

Here’s what you’ve really been wanting to know about Jan: If she were a superhero, her super power would be seeing the future.


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