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Delicious Whole Grain Recipes for the Middle of the Week and How to stay on your nutrition schedule between races

I believe that the more you practice anything, the easier it will become.  That goes for nutrition as well.  My diet of plant-based foods, whole grains, fresh veggies, no preservatives, minimally processed foods and little sugars isn’t a diet in the way we have some to think of “diets”.  We tend to think of nutritional change in a more healthful direction as something so difficult that it’s hard to get started.  I get that eating well is also really expensive and because of the way our food industry is set up, not affordable for a lot of people.  It’s cheap to eat less healthy.  I hope someday soon that changes. In the meantime, I suggest starting with one meal a week.  Take the time to get a recipe, go to the market and get ingredients and make a fresh, home cooked meal, preferably vegetarian while you’re at it.

I’m lucky that I love to cook and play in the kitchen, so it’s easy for me to stay on a healthy eating routine.  Last night’s dinner is almost always tomorrow’s lunch, be sure to make extra but be mindful of your portions.  I have been posting a recipe of the week in my weekly race reports.  Each recipe highlights a Bob’s Red Mill product.  For some midweek meal options here are some of my favorites:

Roasted Delicata Squash with Pearl Barley:

Easy Pasta Alfredo:

Chickpea Cutlets:

And lastly, the best way to avoid eating non-nutritious items is to not buy them. Yes, sounds simple but most of us fall out of sync with healthy eating by purchasing unhealthy midday snacks or drinks loaded with sugar and empty calories.

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