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Bob’s New Mill Stones

Bob would like to share this article he wrote for our employee newsletter with you, our valued customers. Here is the article in his own words.

Two of our 10 brand new stone mills fresh from Denmark.

Like the solid old earth itself, whole grains have been here a long time.  Grains have supplied a wholesome diet since creation.  Years ago when, through my wife Charlee, I discovered the profound need for whole grains in everyone’s diet including my own, I have had a strong desire to produce those healthy grains.  That desire has been fulfilled in Bob’s Red Mill, of which you are all a part.  Having a dream about something is one thing – fulfilling a dream with reality is another.  As our company has developed over many decades and I take stock of how far we’ve come, it has certainly occurred to me that I have made real progress on those early dreams.

Now, in my 8th decade, all that’s left is to insure the continuation of it all.  So here is what I’ve done recently.  We have a 35 year lease with an option to buy this property effective just three years ago.  Our unique and wonderful stone mills are the heart of our production and we are currently running 10 stone mills around the clock.  This past month we received from the manufacturer in Denmark our order of additional and replacement milling equipment.  We now have 10 new, complete stone mills and 12 sets of new replacement millstones.  We are not going to run out of mills to make our products or the place we make it in for a long time!

Six of our 12 new mill stones.

With our Employee Stock Ownership Plan in place, there is every reason to feel confident that Bob’s Red Mill will continue to supply whole grains to the world for a long, long time and keep our wonderful employees busy doing it!

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Wayne Cooke says:

I ran across your website after emailing Meadows Mills about their 8 inch stones with the idea of directly connecting it to an excellent 20 ft. high water wheel in our community. It would be both an educational exhibit and provide milling for the small wheat plots we are beginning to plant.
Do you have any small stones, maybe used, that could be connected to that water wheel?
Thank you for your reply. You are local to us and that is important, too.

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