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Bob’s Birthday Club: Bob’s Red Mill & Autism Speaks

Autsim Awareness Today marks the launch of a new program at Bob’s Red Mill- Bob’s Birthday Club. We’ve partnered with Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, to bring birthday kits to children with autism. By making a minimum donation to Autism Speaks, adults can enlist an autistic child in the club, and in advance of that child’s birthday, the child will receive a Bob’s Birthday Club kit filled with gluten-free cake mix and other Bob’s Red Mill treats.

Here’s how Bob’s Birthday Club works:

  • Anyone interested in signing up a child for Bob’s Birthday Club should visit
  • With a donation of $30 or more made through the website, an adult can register an autistic child for the club.
  • Then, as that child’s birthday nears, he/she will receive a special Bob’s Birthday Club kit, which includes:
    • Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix
    • A recipe card puzzle
    • A kid-size cooking apron
    • A measuring cup

The kits are limited to the first 1,000 people who sign up.

We couldn’t be more excited to support such an amazing organization and bring a little extra birthday joy to some deserving kids. We’ve partnered with Autism Speaks in the past and supported their “Light It Up Blue” campaign earlier this month by lighting up the Morrison Street Bridge in Portland, Oregon (see picture below).


Rich Guszczynski says:

Please support an agency that spends more money on autism than on their salaries. Autism Speaks has wasted way too much money and energy on themselves. Thanks for thinking of us.


Maury Brown says:

What a great idea!

Also, kudos on the picture of the Morrison Bridge in Portland lit up Blue. I did not know the city did so on April 2.

Milisa Chapman says:

My daughter’s birthday is today and she received her birthday kit. She loved it, and so did I. Thank you so much for helping make her day special!!!!!

km says:

It is disgusting that Bob’s Red Mill supports a cruel organization like Autism Speaks – I’ll make sure to never buy anything from your company ever again.


We are sorry that you do not agree with Autism Speaks. Please note that we have not supported them in many years and it was a very short partnership when we were supporting them.

Kris says:

You are sorry that a person doesn’t agree with Autism Speaks? That a person doesn’t agree with a company that doesn’t allow individuals who they’re representing (autistics) to have a voice in their company? (there isn’t a single member on their board who is autistic. Because believe it or not, autistic kids grow up into autistic adults) A company that spend only a tiny fraction of their donations on the very people they claim to support? (3%)

A company that cares more for the people who come in contact with autistics than autistics themselves. A company that backs the Judge Rottenburg Center, a place where they torture people in the name of a ~cure~.

You’re sorry?

Please note that the last product of yours I bought was months ago and it was a very short purchase when I bought it.


Thank you for your comments. I assure you, we are listening and hearing what people are telling us about Autism Speaks. We are no longer working or affiliated with them. We have had many, many messages like yours and we are listening. I meant no offense in my response to the comment a few weeks ago.

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