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Bob Interviews on ESOP

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

In case you missed the segment on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer last night, you can view the clip with Bob here:

If you missed the NPR segment, you can listen to Bob’s interview on Markplace here:


anna stange says:

Amazing! This is great news–There’s a reason why Bob’s Red Mill products are so good. Good luck to all the new employee-owners!

Diana Spears says:

Congratulations to each and every employee ! What a wonderful example of the values our great country was founded upon ! God Bless you all and especially “Bob” !

Danny Baker says:

I will have to say that this is one of the better stories that I have heard in along time. It was a very selfless act that has been done. It is also fitting for an owner to realize that a business continues because of its employees. Bob is a true gem.

lydia Harris says:

Bob is showing the right thing for any true american company to do. Right On Bob. Way to go Man.

Thanks for america,


Vickie says:

Wonderful story. I have always loved Bob’s Red Mill products and this just gives me more reason to support a fabulous company. Bob you are an amazing man and I can’t even begin to explain how much this story made me smile. I wish I lived closer so I could come in and meet you. In this economy with so many people out of work and struggling, it’s nice to hear a story like this.

I wish you and everyone at Red Mill many years of success and happiness

William Mericle says:

What Mr. Moore has done is inspiring and gives me hope that all is not as bad as it sometimes seems. How refreshing. This is the kind of company where I want to spend my money. Way to pay it forward and back! Bob Moore for President in 2012!!!

Jose Garrido says:

May god bless people like you, always…
Coming to the USA with my parents, in 1960 as a Cuban immigrant,the long journey has taught me what America is truly all about. It’s about people like you!

Make your wisdom,charity,and standards teach and bless other people, so they too understand that there is always hope, that America is great, and that men like you
are what makes our heritage that much more

What a man!
Thanks for the great story…

Eneida Ruiz says:

Wonderful story. God bless you Bob.

kurt says:

with all the greed in the world is really heartwarming to see someone give back to his employees.he is a hero to many and i hope others can learn from his genorosity!!!!

Dear Bob….
I am so proud of you for your generosity. You truly are someone who gets it. I think God must have put the idea in your head. How wonderful that you are listening. Congratulations and may you enjoy a long and peace filled joyous life…..Janie

Phil says:

Amazing, truly amazing! Upon hearing about this news, I became a customer!

sharon says:

Bob..way to go in giving your company to your employees….as one say you need to show what its like to have a true american made company and give your store employee stock ownership…and that is the best way…your present to them….hey your employees gave a present to you…they work for you very hard …

you need to show who is boss now!!

Sharon Brown says:

This story made me smile. Mr Moore has a great heart and a sound business mind. His company will go on and hopefully be a model for workers’ everywhere. Good luck to you all!

Mrs. Feier says:

This is far one of the best stories I have ever heard in a while. I am proud of this country and proud of people like Mr. Moore. Truly, I am proud of what he said, “The root of all evil is money”. We cannot worship money and only God the true God. Just an anyone, there’s hardship, and prosperity, and I will keep the new employees (owners) of the Bob Mill to have faith in God because without God, there’s no blessings. This is a blessing both form God and from Mr. Moore.
Where else can you find such country as this? I am glad I am proud of this country, not now, but i have been since coming here from the Philippines and gave my life to Jesus Christ!! he has changed my life and I am proud of to say God Bless America. May the Lord keep this country in His blessing and continue to partners with our allies like Israel. God said, ” I will bless those who bless my people (Israel), and curse those who curse my people (Israel).

Mrs. Feier says:

Sorry, forgot something…..Mr. Moore, God Bless you always and may the Lord in Heaven keep you safe and healthy. We need people like you. I wish you’re our current president:-)

e lance says:

mr. moore action with his heart and mind and not his pocket book. his business legacy should be a requirement of college case studies and a framework for all businesses to run by.

Ed Shelby says:

I work night security for Tucson’s Gospel Rescue Mission, and not a day or night goes by without me seeing evidence of God’s work through people like Bob. May the Lord continue to bless you, Bob, your family and all the people working within the company.

W says:

God bless you! Conscience commerce at work.

saliya says:

Bob is a great human being.

Juan Juarez says:

Mr. Moore,
Thank you for inspiring others and blessing everyone with this wonderful act. You are a true example of what the American spirit and Christianity are all about. I only hope that there are many more people like you out there. I hope your company continues to garner success and may you live much longer to be able to see it happen.
Thank you,

Barbara Samuel says:

Bob is an example of the highest level of integrity, character, selflessness and contribution to others that I’ve ever heard of. For a person to pass along his company to the employees rather than go for the highest dollar amount for himself is an example for other business owners to follow. What a way to “Pay it Forward”!
Congratulations to everyone at Bob’s Red Mill, and, kudos to ABC for airing news that is inspirational!

Dee says:

God Bless America and the hard honest workers that make us proud!

Rhys and Jill Blair says:

Congratulations to you Bob and your family. Looks like our family has found a new product to use in our daily baking and cooking needs. We wish Bob’s Redmill much success in the future!

Teri says:

What a terrific story. Bob, you are to be commended for your achievements and for recognizing that success is the result of much hard work and dedication from loyal employees. All the best to you whenever you retire, and all the best to each and every person who works for Red Mill. I will begin buying your product immediately because of this. This is a dream story for every American!

Paulette Pack says:

I’m sure proud to have eaten Bob’s Red Mill Brand oatmeal this morning (the whole grain versus 5 grain today). I love the products, and this makes me respect the company, as well. Way to go!

Rick Phelps says:

This is what America is all about…you are truely blessed. Congrats!!!

richard barrett says:

Very inspiring story Bob, I hope the employees will never forget this and want to do the same when it comes their time. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw this. Thanks so much and may God Bless

Karen Hanna says:

God has already blessed you, I can tell by your humanity. I hope the employees that you gave this wonderful gift to will remember and practice the same heartfelt kindness. It ‘s so refreshing to see there still are people practicing the “Golden Rule”. God Bless you after all.

Cowboy Dan says:

My company, Liz Lovely Cookies, purchases ingredients directly from Bob’s. As fellow entrepreneurs, Liz and I are sincerely humbled and inspired by this announcement. Bob, you are truly the best of what America has to offer. If only there were more folks like you in the natural foods industry. Much luck and success to the employees as they take the reins. We are proud to be your customer.

Rachel says:

Thank you Bob! Thank you for restoring our faith in humanity. Wish there were more of you. You define a life well-lived. Sending you the biggest hug!

Gary says:

What Mr. Moore did here is truly amazing! May God Bless you, Bob, your family, your partners and the new owners! This is the type of thing that makes America great, and proves that money does not have to drive every decision.

Catherine from Canada says:

Let me underscore what others have said before: Bob, you are a mensch and a beautiful human being. I always wondered why I gravitated towards Bob’s Red Mill products in the health food store. Now, I know why. It was because of that handsome guy with the cap on the packages! Bob is an example of how taking care of others and unselfishness can bear beautiful fruit. May the employees continue to have great success with Bob’s company. The best example I can think of values-driven business. Hurray for Bob!

Norma Oxley says:

I started buying from Bob’s Red Mill about six or seven years ago for my grandson who has autism and was on a gluten-free and cassein-free diet. I would order the products and have them shipped to my daughter & her family. I respect the company, and now I know why. I can now find most products in my local supermarket in Cheboygan, Michigan, and I am grateful for that. I use some of the products myself because of the reputation of the company and the quality of the products. Great job, Bob Moore! Now I know why you’ve been so successful. Praise God!

Taylor West says:

What an inspiring gesture from a truly honorable man. Throughout his career Bob built a sterling reputation for quality in the industry, and this announcement is a fitting reflection of the quality man that he is. Congratulations to the Bob’s Red Mill community and may the Bob’s Red Mill brand continue to flourish as a symbol of quality and wholesome goodness for generations yet to come.

Virginia Cofer says:

Go Bob!!!!!
I knew that a company that had a dedicated Gluten Free facility was special….But to take it to the next level and honor your employees with an ESOP is just downright stacking the cards!

Bob – you will always have my business and I sing your praises for as long as I can:)

Kathleen from Michigan says:

I have long bought your products because they are gluten free! Your gluten free oatmeal lifted my spirits when I found out I had to follow a GF diet and could not eat regular oatmeal anymore. I love oatmeal and felt glum about this. Then I found your GF line of grains!

You also lifted my spirits when I took my young grandkids to your store once when I was visiting Oregon. You were there for your lunch and looked just like the picture on your products. They liked meeting you! I liked meeting you, too. One of the people working in your store said that you still worked at the company and still came in for lunch most days. This was about 3 years ago. I could tell it was a good company then.

Now you have once again lifted my spirits by your generosity in giving your company to your employees. We need a country populated by businesses like yours! If we had that there would be a better business model in the world, and more people would have jobs and good products.

Thanks, Bob. You’re the best!

Claudia Parisi says:

I have loved your products and when I found them they were a God send for my gluetin allergic daughter!
What a heartwarming story! A testament to the American Spirit!
Pay it foward!

Sonny says:

I just want to say WOW! On a day when our senate cannot pass a bill on $250 for struggling seniors we have this wonderful man giving his company away to the “common folk” who helped him build it. This senior certainly gets it. It is people like you Bob Moore that this country needs more of. Our senators and congressmen could learn alot from you. I am a 37yo unemployed father of three wonderful daughters. I dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours to my community and understand its not what you get but what you give that matters. Times are tough for us now but I know others have it tougher than us. I believe in paying it forward and you my friend are my hero for it! You are a great American and one we can all learn from…THANK YOU SIR!!!


When I heard about this on ABC world news, I thought what a great man, what a great company. I have only been buying the products for a few years, but knowing about Bob and his generosity it makes me proud to be a loyal customer.
Good Luck!

Thanks for the post! I love it!

Richard Michael Boyden says:

Bob is really great! He is smart to not have mill stones hanging around his neck, by being generous with the company’s employees (and customers). Just think how heavy are the mill stones he uses everyday. Now he is free to come and go as he pleases. My order is coming right in.

Barbara Veres says:

Does this mean that you are not owned by Montsano?

@Barbara: We are most definitely not owned by Monsanto.

J says:

I actually read about this today in People magazine. Fantastic news and I told everyone I knew. I loved Bob’s gluten free products, and now I feel even more proud to support the company!

mahens says:

Truly Amazing. God must make more people likes of Bob.

J Moses says:

Great News! I wish I could buy some stock in this company, too bad I am not an employee.

Chas says:

What everybody seems to be missing here is that Bob didn’t give away his company…he sold it to a bank in the form on an ESOP. The bank will then sell it back to a trust fund over the course of a number of years, and that trust fund will pay some employees a retirement benefit (once they’ve vested into the plan).

Again, Bob did not give away the company, he sold it. Did he make as much money as he would have selling out to General Mills? Probably not. Did he make a huge amount of money? Yes. If you were an employee of Bob’s, would anything be different for you today? No. It’s a retirement account, and the employees won’t really “own” it for 10 years. So, if the current employees are still there in 10 years, and if they’ve vested enough years in the company, they’ll get a retirement pension.

There are a ton of ESOPs in the US, the only difference here is that they’ve spun it to say that Bob has given away his company. It’s just not true…he sold it.

Hi Chas,

Thank you for your insightful comments. Our ESOP does not work the way that you have outlined. Knowing and working with Bob for the last 6 years, his motives are NOT to make money. He did not do this to get out from under ownership. Our ESOP fully transfers within 3 years and every employee who has worked here for 1 year is qualified to membership in the ESOP. After three years, they can walk away with whatever portion of the ESOP they own at that date. It makes me sad that many people have seen this transition as a selfish motive to make money. I can assure you that it is not. If you are in Oregon and would like a tour, we’d be happy to give you one. What you find within our walls is a group of people who love our company and care very much about its future. Ask any employee and you will find the same answer. The media will spin this however they want and I believe our country is desperate for ‘feel-good’ stories. We were a feel-good company long before this ESOP and will continue to be. Thank you for voicing your opinion and we encourage you to visit our mill and see what is really going on behind the media stories.

Warm regards,
Cassidy Stockton, Bob’s Red Mill

Cat says:

We are long time loves of Bob’s and will tell anyone (literally) that we prefer to buy Bob’s Red Mill products for 2 reasons: 1. The quality is unmatched. So much better than the big business products and 2. Buying locally cuts down on pollution and harmful side effects of products that are shipped/trucked/train-ed in from across the world. Thanks for being AWESOME!

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