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Bob’s Red Mill – At Your (Food) Service

Most know Bob’s Red Mill whole grain goodness from the shelves of their local grocery or natural food store.  It is no secret, however, that Bob’s Red Mill has long provided an extensive collection of Whole Grain, Organic and Gluten Free Grains, Flours, Cereals and Mixes to a wide variety of regional and national food service establishments.

Food service can be simply defined as anywhere where someone eats away from home.  This includes restaurants, diners and coffee shops; cafeterias at hospitals and health care facilities; schools, colleges and universities; in hotels and resorts; at businesses and corporate campuses and so on.  It is reported that foodservice accounts for nearly half of the money spent for food in the US.

Now, Bob’s Red Mill is taking aim to increase the consumption of Whole Grain Foods for those eating out and about, and, we have some good things going on.  Bob’s Red Mill products have made their way everywhere from Disney Resorts, to dining facilities at Nike, Google, Intel and, to hotels such as Hilton, Marriot and Hyatt and to Universities like Oregon State, UC Davis, Syracuse and Ohio State.  This is just a hint of the dining facilities where Bob’s Red Mill products live up to the motto of Whole Grain Foods for Every Meal of the Day.

Tim Steiner represents our company in the food service sector. He works diligently to bring our products into restaurants and other eateries so that you can have the very best whole grain options.


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Way to go Tim…..

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