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Bo Thomas: An Employee Profile

Bo Thomas is the head of our Engineering and Maintenance department; he also heads up our comic relief team. An Oregon native, Bo has worked for Bob’s Red Mill for over 18 years and has been keeping everyone in stitches since day one. When asked what he loved about his job, Bo enthusiastically replied “Number 1, I really feel like our company is providing something that is good for people. Number 2, we have good people! Number 3, it’s just so interesting! Working with machinery and observing the physics of the different grains. Wheat acts differently than corn. Teff acts differently than soy beans.”

Bo’s first job was picking strawberries, “I really didn’t enjoy it because most of the other kids just wanted to goof-off. It was very sobering to observe the migrant workers and their reaction to us kids. We were out there for fun and a little money. They were there with their families, working very hard to maintain a level of subsistence that I never had to experience.”

Bo is a hard worker with a big heart. When asked to describe his ideal day off in three words, he said, “My lovely wife.” You can find Bo gardening, watching NASCAR and reading in his free time. He enjoys playing the piano both at home and, to the enjoyment of our employees, on one of our pianos here at the mill. He would pick invisibility, if given a superpower and has a penchant for oatmeal cookies.

Bo can bring a smile to the face of almost anyone and is always thinking up new ways to improve production and solve challenges around the mill. Bob’s Red Mill just wouldn’t be the same without him.

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