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Baking a Healthier Holiday with California Olive Ranch

December is a month full of celebrations and gatherings; a time of sharing with your family and friends. In my house- it’s a month full of baking for this, that or the other occasion. I would hazard a guess that as a Bob’s Red Mill customer, your kitchen is likely in full swing all month long, too. To make your holiday baking a little bit easier and inspire you with recipes that may make it a wee bit more delicious, we’ve teamed up with California Olive Ranch to bring you recipes from some amazing bloggers who want to help make your holiday season a bit healthier, too.

California Olive Ranch is a purveyor of the finest olive oil this side of the Atlantic (they would probably argue they’re the best anywhere, but we’ll give ’em the western hemisphere for now). Grown and pressed in California, their olive oils have consistently held their own in international competitions- taking top honors year over year at tasting events. California Olive Ranch offers eight different varieties of olive oil, including a seasonal Limited Reserve oil and an every day oil. We don’t often pair with other brands unless we can truly get behind who they are and what they’re all about. After getting to know the great folks over at California Olive Ranch and tasting their superb products, the partnership was a natural fit for us.

For December, we’ve challenged eight bloggers and our very own recipe specialist to create holiday recipes that use olive oil and either whole grain flours or gluten free flours. Using olive oil in place of butter is a fantastic way to boost the healthy fats in your recipe while cutting down on the saturated fats that can contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease. As an added bonus,  olive oil can add new depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.

In addition to the great recipes, California Olive Ranch is having a Facebook contest to bring the joy of olive oil and whole grains to your table. From December 1st through December 8th, Facebook fans will be asked to share their favorite pairing of California Olive Ranch Olive Oil with a Bob’s Red Mill product. Our top 3 favorite pairings will win a gift set of olive oils and a $50 gift card for Bob’s Red Mill. How fun is that? To get all of the info and make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the California Olive Ranch newsletter (top right corner of screen) and “like” them on Facebook. You can also keep up to date and get the recipes from us in a few different ways- you can keep following here and/or “like” us on Facebook if you haven’t already. We’ll be posting all of the recipes throughout the month of December and will have them archived on our website. We’ll also have links out to all of the participating bloggers so that you can get to know them a bit better- they’re truly an inspiring bunch of writers.

You can find California Olive Ranch oils using their store finder or buy directly from their website. These would make wonderful hostess gifts in lieu of the traditional bottle of wine. You could even pair their oils with one of our gift sets for an inspiring Christmas (or any holiday!) present for the foodie on your list.

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