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April is Sprouts Month

All you need is a jar to start growing sprouts at home!

All you need is a jar to start growing sprouts at home!

According to our friends over at the Whole Grains Council, April is the month of sprouted grains. Although sprouted grain can actually refer to a wide variety of products, we decided to take the idea of sprouted grains literally and celebrate the humble bean sprout.

There are a lot of fancy sprouting kits and gadgets on the market, but if you feel like making your own sprouts at home all you really need is an empty jar, a little cheesecloth, and a rubber band to get started. You can even improvise on those basics once you give it a try. We’ve been having a lot of success at my house using a flower vase and a sieve set in the dish drying rack.

You don’t have to be McGuyver to rig up your own sprouting contraption. The only important components are some sort of container for soaking your seeds, and something to keep the seeds and sprouts in the container when you are draining the water out. It’s that easy!

Step 1: Rinse your seeds
Step 2: Soak your seeds for a few hours
Step 3: Rinse and drain your seeds.
Step 4: Leave the seeds tilted for about 8 hours so that any extra water can drain out
Repeat steps 3 and 4 every 12 hours until your seeds look like sprouts.
Step 5: When you want to stop your sprouts from growing any further, simply put them in the refrigerator, where they will stay good for several days.

There are all different types of seeds and grains that you can sprout at home. I enjoy mung beans because they are big and crisp and juicy. They taste delicious in salads and sandwiches, are also great topping for soups when combined with a little fresh basil.

If you feel like you still need a little more direction to get your sprout garden underway you can always check out our official “recipe” for sprouting wheat berries .

Happy Sprouting!


Pam Pearson says:

I would use your gluten free oats to make a fabulous meatloaf, which I have not made since I stopped eating gluten last November!! I miss a good meatloaf!

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