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And the survey says…

We want to hear from you, please let us know what you think.

We want to hear from you, please let us know what you think.

Over the weekend as I was cooking and thinking, one of my favorite parts of being in the kitchen is the time to think. What I got to wondering was how you feel about this blog. Do you like the content? Would you like to see different content and what kind of content might that be? We want to provide you with information that you find useful and interesting. To inspire your answers, I’m going to give away another signed edition of our new Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook. I’ll select a winner randomly from those of you who comment between now and Thursday, January 14th at midnight.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us what you like and dislike about this blog. I promise not to take it personal… unless it’s good, in which case, thankyouverymuch *courtsey*.


Anne says:


I would like it if you would link articles from different sources like Mark Bittman’s blog in the NY Times and/or Vegetarian Times recipes, and let me know what items I can get from Bob’s Red Mill.

Otherwise you are doing a great job.

Also if you can bring back the mushroom supplement for immune systems to your store in Clackamas. I purchased it over the summer, and I was in a few weeks ago and you don’t carry it.

Wallace Stuart says:

I’m afraid that I’ve read the blog so seldom that I have no opinion of it. I do eat Bob’s Red Mill flax seed meal every morning with my oatmeal. The flax seed meal makes all the difference!

Pam says:

I just found your blog and I am really glad I did. I made one of your gluten free pancake recipes tonight and I also added you to my blogroll! Can’t say I don’t really like giveaways too…te he!

Keep doing what your doing…I luv it…job well done!

Enjoy and thank you!

Anaquita says:

Honestly for me, it’s the gluten free section. 🙂 I love the fact that you guys have a whole section of a blog dedicated to gluten free. And that’s not even getting into the whole, factory for gluten free flours. :3 So thank you for having it!

Nita says:

I am especially fond of the cyclocross coverage and other posts about Bob’s community presence. I really love you guys!
As far as additional content goes, I would love to see regular posts about recipe ideas featuring Bob’s products. I’m always looking for inspiration…

Melody D says:

I really enjoy your recipes. Not the most original answer but I’m a baker at heart.

Amy K says:

I think you do a great job, and enjoy reading the blog! I especially like the “how-to” lists and ideas for including healthier foods into a diet, and of course I love anything about living a gluten-free life.

You could always add more recipes, ideas, hints and how-to’s for using Bob’s products (especially the gluten-free stuff!).

Mary says:

I’ve only been reading for a short time, but I’ve enjoyed all the blogs I have read. (I really need to find the time to go back into the archives!)

I wouldn’t mind seeing more recipes – or, even better, more tips for incorporating more whole grains into our existing diet.

My husband and I were recently diagnosed with diabetes (still quite mild), and are trying to change some eating habits. Your blogs are certainly helping with that!

Thanks so much!

Judy Shaw says:

I did not find a response to my questions. Where do I find your response? I wrote a few days ago.

I love your GF products! The all-purpose baking mix is the best. Can’t wait for the quick-cooking oatmeal.

Your recipes are great, keep them coming ~

My cousin took her three year old to your plant a month or two ago and I was so jealous. I live on the East Coast. Someday I’ll come thank you in person. 🙂

Lisa Milone says:

I love all of the recipes! When I found out I had to use gluten free flours to bake, this site was the first place I came.

I’ve really enjoyed it. The site has been really helpful!

Great blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

I would really appreciate some recipes for baked goods that are vegan. I love your products, but mostly used them in baking. Now that I have shifted to a vegan diet, I haven’t figured out how to incorporate them, and nobody knows the nature of your products better than you 🙂

Suze Brown says:

The gluten free offerings/recipes make my life so much easier! Thanks a million 🙂

Annette Frey says:

Definitely the gluten free stuff, particularly because good GF information and products are lacking (in comparison non GF). : )

Hannah says:

I love this blog! I’ve been enjoying the gluten-free, health, and recipes sections the most. I think the design is wonderful, and the category structure is quite useful.

I also enjoy your Twitter account. 🙂


Libby says:

Recipes, especially anything vegan. I’m come and remember to check out the blog when you guys post something on the facebook page, so that helps 🙂

Krissi Franzen says:

🙂 I really love the Gluten Free section. Being a recently diagnosed celiac it’s really been helpful!! (I love the GF pancake mix, especially with some apples and cinnamon, yum!) I’ve found a lot of useful information and products here!! 🙂

Joanna says:

I use your products, and would like to see more recipes using them, especially some for vegetarians. I know I can get recipes from your website, but I get the blog feed, and that’s easier for me. And thanks for asking.

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