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An Interview with Jeff Schrader

Jeff was born in South Dakota, but his family moved to Oregon when he was five. His first “real” job was at Toftee Farms in Canby, cutting broccoli and moving irrigation pipes.

He went away to college in southern Cal, where he met and married the love of his life. He held a variety of jobs in California, including newspaper salesman and doorknob plater, but his most interesting job was a top-secret project at Hughes Aircraft. Several years later he learned he had been working on the Stealth Bomber. He also learned years later that when Hughes was doing his security clearance prior to hiring him, they went back as far as his 5th grade teacher for references.

As Production Manager, Packaging, Jeff has the BIG job of managing packaging production on 10 packing lines 24 hours a day. In total, he is responsible for 50 employees, including 3 supervisors, 3 quality control inspectors and 3 maintenance mechanics. His duties include (among other things) providing training, reviewing safety procedures, coordinating vacation time, and trying to find ways to increase productivity while insuring a high level of quality.

What Jeff likes most about his job is the people he works with, and they are what have kept him coming back every day for 14 years. Bob’s is more than just a job for him – it is a vital part of his life, and he feels blessed to work here.

On days off, Jeff likes outdoor activities: snowboarding, wave running, boating, or relaxing in the hot tub. Jeff loves music – especially old hymns, which he plays on the harmonica or guitar. He’s also learning to play the piano.

In case you were wondering what Jeff likes on his oatmeal, it’s bananas and raisins, and his favorite desserts are rhubarb pie and banana cream pie.


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