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An inspiring story to share

We get a lot of sponsorship requests from athletes of all varieties at Bob’s Red Mill and we can’t possibly fulfill on all of them. So when Nick Duttle first contacted me about a potential partnership with Bob’s Red Mill to support his mountain climbing, I was already thinking of how to explain that we couldn’t help support his passion. Little did I know what an incredible person Nick would turn out to be and we are proudly supporting him with whole grains to fuel his climbs. Here is his story, I hope you’ll find it as inspiring as we do.

Nick Duttle is a professional climber from Las Cruces, New Mexico who currently travels the country in order to climb the most difficult and technical sport routes and boulders in some of the most beautiful climbing areas accessible.
Nick has guided climbing trips in Colorado, enjoys teaching clinics and attending climbing events whenever possible, and serves as an ambassador/ sponsored athlete for several well-known climbing and outdoor companies.  He excels at a wide variety of climbing styles and continually seeks to complete the most powerful and aesthetic lines, always aiming to reach new goals and inspire others to do so as well.
Nick began climbing during college, using the indoor climbing wall at New Mexico State University, and soon spent most of his free time at the nearby world-class bouldering destination of Hueco Tanks.  Despite having a genetic condition (Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia) that affects the skin and development of sweat glands, Nick has overcome many physical challenges throughout his life to pursue his dream of training and performing as a full-time athlete.
Believing wholeheartedly in the importance of good nutrition for a healthy and active life, Nick relies on whole foods and grains to power and sustain his intense training schedule.
Nick’s regular training includes running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and of course plenty of climbing in whatever location that presents the next challenge.
Nick’s favorite products from Bob’s Red Mill have long been the 10 Grain Cereal and the Steel-Cut Oats (often mixed!) which are an integral, if not imperative, part of his morning routine.
Watch Nick climb Esperanza here.
Watch Nick climb Deep Puddle Dynamics and the Automator in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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