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A Visit to the C.I.A.

Lori teaches students at the CIA how to cook for those with celiac disease.

Lori teaches students at the CIA how to cook for those with celiac disease.

I just returned from an incredible adventure to Hyde Park, New York!  I was given the opportunity to teach a class on gluten-free baking at the Culinary Institute of America.

The C.I.A. is the premier culinary school in the United States, thus the invitation that was extended to me by Chef Richard Coppedge was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

As someone who’s had an appreciation for the culinary arts all of her adult life, it was a surreal experience finding myself working in the kitchens of the C.I.A. The campus is situated along the banks of the Hudson river in a breathtaking setting while the facility itself is extensive and spectacular.

I found the students to be enthusiastic and eager to learn about the special dietary considerations facing individuals with celiac disease. Since most everyone enjoys sweets, I decided to demonstrate teff peanut butter cookies, teff chocolate cake and quinoa energy bars.  They were intrigued with my presentation as not only had they not baked with these flours but some had never even heard of these grains.

One of the highlights of my time with the students was when they all chose to sign a C.I.A. apron for me as a memento of our time together. I will never forget my time at the C.I.A. and will treasure meeting members of the exceptional staff, the instructor chefs as well as spending time with these awesome students!

Lori Sobelson

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