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A Day in the Life of Bob Moore

Ever wonder how Bob spends his day at the mill? I sat down with Bob last week to find out.

Between 6 and 6:30 am, Bob gets up and starts his day off with a bowl of one of our many hot cereals lovingly prepared by his wife, Charlee. He tops it off with half of a banana (split with Charlee, of course), skim milk, nuts, flaxseed meal and date pieces.

Bob and Charlee Baking MuffinsAround 7:30 am he arrives at the mill, where he starts his work day off with a cup of coffee (he always waits to have his coffee at the mill) and chats with people during the 8 am shift change. Then, he heads up to his office where he goes over his calendar with his assistant Nancy. There is not a day on his calendar that doesn’t have at least a few appointments and meetings. He typically spends the first part of the day greeting folks around the office and razzing whoever is lucky enough to be in his path.

At 10 am, he wanders downstairs to greet our tour guests (learn more about our tours here) and play a song on one of his two pianos (yes, we have two pianos in our mill).

Bob talks milling with Anoy

From there, he walks our plant, all seven acres of it. He stops by the shop, one of his favorite places in the mill to see what they’re working on and how each project is coming along. He visits our distribution warehouse and drops by the lab. There is always something new to see and someone he wants to catch up with. Working here, you quickly learn how much he cares about each of us. He knows our names and our families. Bob knows something special about each of us, whether we like fly fishing or are working on rebuilding a car, if we just got back from an Alaskan cruise or whether we play in a band on the weekends. It’s uncanny, really.

Bob and the guys in the shop. Not one of them is this serious, ever.

By 12:30 pm, he’s walked the plant, visited various people, dropped in on a meeting or two and is ready for lunch at our Whole Grain Store. Nearly every day, he orders two eggs and steamed spinach with a side of corn grits. Occasionally, he’ll order a sandwich made on our whole grain bread. He talks to customers and takes pictures with their kids.

By 2 pm he’s back at the mill where he sits in on more meetings, if required, or catches up on the day’s events. A day is never complete without a trip to our Purchasing Department to learn about different issues that affect our supply of grains.

Around 4 pm, he’ll wander back downstairs to chat with folks during the shift change. He feels it is the best time to catch up with people he might not otherwise see during the day. From there, he sits at his piano with Nancy and plays a few pieces with her (and that is why we have two pianos).

bob and nancy

He usually knocks off at 5 pm and heads home to Charlee for a delicious meal and a quiet evening at home.

That, folks, is what Bob does Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


Kaitlyn says:

What a great story…loved hearing about the man behind the mill … lol 🙂

Great blog …thanks for what you all do!

Tyler says:

He seems so friendly, a very cool guy, wish i could meet Bob.

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