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Winners of Barefoot Running

It’s not very often that I have 12 of anything to give away, let alone 12 signed copies of a fabulous book! Well, guess what?? I found one more, so I get to pick 13 winners instead! Suits me fine, I’d give everyone a copy if I could.

Here are the winners, chosen at random from all who commented by 11:59 pm on 08/14.

  1. Kim B
  2. Jenni
  3. Jennifer J
  4. KR
  5. Veronica
  6. Heidi Howard
  7. Alisha
  8. Kristina
  9. Thomas Hayes
  10. Dawn
  11. Patrick
  12. Tom K
  13. Heather Cornbleth

Congrats to everyone who won! I’ll be following up via email later today. If I don’t hear back from a selected winner within 5 business days, I will choose a new one from the list of remaining entrants. Thank you for participating and I hope you enjoy the book. If you didn’t win, but still want to check out the book, head over to to order a copy.


veronica says:

Yay thank you Cassidy!
I’m looking forward to reading it:D

veronica says:

oh and btw, I just found a new place to get ur products
I saw them on sale at Big Lots! and picked up Bobs Red Mill high fiber waffle/pancake mix and a bag of the vegi soup mix for $3.50 each:)

Tom K says:

Awesome! Thanks!

Chris J says:

I am wondering how to enter the train gang? I am very interested in this site and see so many great ideas.

Hi Chris!

Right now Train with Grain is turned off. We had an influx of about 4200 requests and need to catch up on those before we can take any new sign-ups. Follow our blog content under the Train with Grain tab and/or like Train with Grain on Facebook for updates.

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