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Win it: Spar for the Spurtle + Mad Hungry Giveaway

One of our judges for the Spar for the Spurtle cook off is Lucinda Scala Quinn, creative genius behind Mad Hungry. She has written five cookbooks, including two Mad Hungry cookbooks, writes the Mad Hungry blog, hosts Mad Hungry TV and even has a weekly SiriusXM radio show. Lucinda is also the Executive Director of Food and Entertaining for Martha Stewart Living. On top of that, she’s a mom to three boys, a full-time job that never ends, no matter what their age. Lucinda has made it her mission to bring back the family meal, which is something we can really get behind. She’s a busy gal, to say the least. Yet she has somehow found time in her very full life to create her own Mad Hungry spurtle.Lucinda Scala Quinn

The Mad Hungry spurtle is not your average spurtle, either. These spurtles are made from bamboo, which helps keep the microbes at bay, and they have a more evolved shape. These spurtles are not the dowel-like traditional Scottish spurtles, but a perfect marriage between a spurtle and a spatula. Everyone at our office agreed that it would be much easier to taste your oatmeal from one of these beauties. The same rules apply, though—always, ALWAYS stir your oats clockwise. No one needs those pesky bad spirits stirred into their oats.

We are thrilled to be welcoming Lucinda to Bob’s Red Mill for Spar for the Spurtle. To share our excitement with you, we’re teaming up with the Mad Hungry folks to offer you a stellar prize package for five, yep FIVE, lucky winners.

Mad Hungry + Bob's Red Mill GiveawayEach prize pack will contain a copy of Lucinda’s cookbooks- Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys and Mad Hungry Cravings, a Mad Hungry spurtle and a package of our favorite oats—two packages of Steel Cut Oats, a package of Scottish Oatmeal and a package of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats. (We will be more than happy to accommodate gluten free winners with gluten free oats.) To enter, follow the prompts below (be sure to check out the required comment question under “Leave a Blog Post Comment”). We’ll pick five winners at random from all who enter by 12:01 am on August 16th, 2013. Contest is limited to US and Canada residents 18 and over (official rules in the app below).

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john hutchens says:

Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats looks good

Thomas says:

I use my spurtle when I mix my no knead bread dough. Love it.

Rachel says:

The Buttered Oat Brittle looks delicious.

Pamela Sue says:

Love the simplicity and decadence of the Buttered Oats Brittle!

Teri says:

Carl Youngmann with Buttered Oats Brittle… they look really yummy!

Leslie says:

I’m a sucker for Dolmades! She made the most complex flavored Caledonian Dolmades I’ve seen. I hope to attempt this with good results!

Jessica says:

Caledonian Dolmades

Patti Cheatham says:

It’s so hard to pick one but if I have to it has to be the Eggroll’s! Besides the recipe itself, she did an amazing job with her video! I loved her presentation, she should maybe do a few video’s and see where it goes.

Amanda F. says:

Definitely the buttered oats brittle!!! yum!

Harold says:

The Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts look absolutely amazing. I wish I could taste them right now! 🙂

Gayle says:

Golden Eggrolls should win! They look amazing!

Gayle says:

Give me Golden Eggrolls for breakfast or I’m goin’ back to sleep!

ME says:

Love the Golden Eggroll recipe!

Kate Kaake says:

Buttered Oats Brittle!! Yum.

rachel says:

I’m voting for Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts and More

Doina says:

Caledonian Dolmades

Carrie says:

I love Paula Todora with Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts and More – See more at:

Sydney says:

Buttered Oats Brittle!

Lynn Kane says:

Golden Eggrolls! I love putting apples and nuts in my oats so the combo sounds fabulous!

Kristen Acosta says:

Buttered oats brittle!

Carin says:

Buttered Oats Brittle looks & sounds awesome!!

tricia says:

DUH! Buttered oats brittle 🙂

Maria says:

I am Mad Hungry for these great products and enjoy eating Red Mill steel cut oats with fresh fruit every morning.

Idalia Villarreal says:

I am in love with Irish steel cut oats in my porridge- and the best way to enjoy them is with the genuine Irish article- the spurtle! But anything with oats is always delicious!

Idalia Villarreal says:

I say Buttered Oats Brittle would be a winner!

Diana says:

Caledonian Dolmades b/c I love cooking steel cut oats savory style! Bonus for using kale, too 🙂

christina brioso says:

I think the golden eggrolls, sounds really creative

RebeccaW says:

The Golden Eggrolls!

Jackie Wolinski says:

The Buttered Oats Brittle no doubt.

paula says:

first time I have ever heard or seen a spurtle……but now that I have, I so need one!!!!

Kelli says:

Buttered Oats Brittle!!!!

Susan Wilder says:

That Buttered Oats Brittle sounds delicious!

L Nood says:


Anel Perez says:

I think the I think the golden eggrolls look amazing and should be the winner. So creative and it reminds me of apple pie with lots of goodies inside 🙂

Nicole K says:

Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts- they look delicious!

Annie G says:

Caledonian Dolmades

Dale Davidson says:

Buttered Oats Brittle

Lexye says:

I am excited about the Caledonian Dolmades – gluten-free and delicious looking.

Lucas says:


Ariadne says:

Buttered oats brittle yum yum yum nom

Carolyn Barnett says:

Buttered Oats Brittle

mindy trantham says:

Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts! whoulda thunk it? those look really good!

Solducky says:

BUttered Oats Brittle

Maggie Wallace says:

The buttered oats brittle for sure!!

Cindy says:

I’m ambidextrous so I can spurtle oatmeal with two hands!

Kelsey says:

Buttered Oats Brittle!

Cindy says:

I like the Golden Eggrolls with Steel Cut Oats, Apples, Walnuts!

betty n says:

Golden Eggrolls!

latasha sandoval says:

Buttered Oat Brittle

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