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Whole Grains Month: Recipe Roundup {Giveaway}

September is one of our favorite months at Bob’s Red Mill. Of course, I could probably say that about any month- we’re a pretty happy bunch here. We love that the weather is turning cooler, forcing us to move inside and relish in our baking again. The air has a perfect crispness, just like a really good apple. The farmer’s markets are brimming with produce that is just begging to be baked into pies or canned and preserved for the dark days of winter. Kids head back to school, giving parents a much-needed break during the day. Football season starts again, as baseball winds down. I mean, it’s just a really great month. There is so much to be celebrated!

September is also National Whole Grains Month and that is, in our opinion, the very best thing about September. All of the above things can be celebrated with some delicious whole grains. We’re not talking about just baking whole wheat bread or serving brown rice at dinner, we’re talking about fabulous pies crusts, chewy pizza dough, homemade crackers… really, we could go on and on. Whole grains are so versatile and each offers different flavors and textures to breathe new life into your meals. Not to mention that they are full of fiber, protein and vitamins. Swapping whole grain kernels for white rice or pasta is easy. Replacing half or all of the flour in your recipe with whole wheat flour can increase the nutrition of your recipe, as well as bring a new flavor to the baked good. There is almost nothing that can’t be done with whole grains. Sure, making a white cake is a little challenging, as are some of the more fine pastries, but a blend of half white and half whole wheat pastry flour can yield surprisingly delicate treats.


Here are some of our favorite whole grain recipes to try for every meal of the day. To get you started, we’re giving away a sweet $50 gift card for our website so you can stock up on your favorite whole grains and maybe even try something new. See below for details on how to enter.

GF: Gluten Free
V: Vegan






Win a $50 Gift Card for Bob’s Red 

It’s a pretty simple process, but we’ve had some complaints about the entry system, so here are some basic directions.

1. Post a comment on this blog post telling me your favorite way to use whole grains.
2. Sign in to the app below (either make an account or sign in with your Facebook account).
3. Click on “I did this.”
4. Follow the directions in the app for further entries.

If you don’t click on “I did this” or don’t leave a comment on the post, you will not be entered. The other options are not mandatory, so if you can’t figure them out, no big deal.

I will pick a winner at random from all who enter by 12:01 am on 9/12/13.

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Theresa says:

Bob’s Red Mill makes it easy to use Whole Grains even if you are Gluten Free. Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats go great in a crockpot with some water, coconut milk, Bob’s Red Mill Ground Flax Seed the night before, and then fruit add ins in the morning. A great way to start the day!

Johanna says:

I love making my kids organic pizza dough, you all made is possible! THANK YOU

Shannon Orton says:

I make homemade bread (in the bread machine) I always put whole grains in the machine!

Rachel says:

I love sprouting whole grains and using them with fresh summer produce to make nutrient-dense salads.

Elena Blume says:

My favorite way to use whole grains is in breads, muffins, and chips. Especially enjoy the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix. Thank you!

Jill G. says:

I love using whole grains for baking!

Laura says:

I make oatmeal every morning with a mixture of Bob’s RM steel cut oats and thick rolled oats.

Keith says:

I eat the Oat Bran with fruit and Greek yogurt every morning!

vicky says:

pancakes with whole grain flour

I love whole grains so many ways, but I think my favorite way of late is for breakfast – in oatmeal or porridge. There are so many grains that are great this way and so many flavor combinations to mix up. It’s such a wonderful way to start any day!

tara pittman says:

I love baking with them and eating them.

Leslie C. says:

Breakfast Quinoa made with almond milk and blueberries is a favorite of mine!

A Harden says:

My favorite is Bob’s Steel Cut Oats with roasted pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and a smidge of almond milk.

Beth C. says:

I love to use whole grains in my baking.

Jodi Monroy says:

I make quinoa salads!

Lynn says:

I just love whole grains in general – for baking – salads – whatever

Julie Davis says:

waffles for my boys!

Kelster says:

I love making sourdough loaves with all whole grains!

Toni says:

I have oats every morning and I utilize a nice variety of other whole grains (quinoa, brown basmati, etc)

Renata says:

I love quinoa for salads or as an entree’s side dish as it’s a high protein alternative to rice!

Megan M. says:

We eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast!

jacquie says:


Cecilia says:

Salads!!! YUM!!!

Jacob LaFountaine says:

Home made breads and muffins

Ray says:

Steel Cut Oats for breakfast with chopped walnuts, apples and a sliced banana topped with cinnamon makes a warm hearty meal!

Lisa says:

I like to cook up a variety of whole grains and add them to my green salads and homemade soups for added nutrition. Also love to make grain based salads with chopped veggies.

Savannagal says:

I eat them as you would a side dish. Maybe add some chopped up green onion, or red pepper, add some herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. The additions are endless.

Tobi says:

I use whole grains in my baking, it’s my favorite way to use them.

JessMac says:

My favorite (especially for fall) is cooked wheat berries for breakfast with coconut and a bit of honey drizzled on the top!

Mary hall says:

I like baking with them, especially breads.

Kit says:

I love making overnight oats!

Alicia says:

Homemade baked goods and breads for my kids for breakfast and snacks 🙂

alisa says:

homemade bread of course! that is the best! 🙂

Linda Velez says:

I like baking with the whole grains.

Maya says:

There’s nothing like starting a long day with a perfect warm bowl of oatmeal. Gives me the energy to get the most out of the day and maybe fit in some baking with the same oats. Cinnamon oatmeal cookies anyone?

Janelle says:

I like to add quinoa to my salads!

Linda Velez says:


Tawni says:

Quinoa has turned into my versatile best friend. Served hot or cold, it always seems to “work”.

Rebecca says:

Love baking quick breads with whole grain flour.

John says:

Flax seed in yogurt!

brek says:

You are what you eat, right? I choose Bob’s Red Mill Products to stay alive and be well, healthy, and wonderful! Oats/chia for breakfast; farro or barley for dinner? Did I mention the plethora of flours that spark my baking creativity?

Thanks for saving this grad student’s life. Literally.

The leaves are starting to stiffen, and I can smell the pumpkin already. Sweet or savory? Bob knows both so well.

Iris Gonzalez says:

Always buy this brand, great product!

Amanda says:

Love love these

Beverly C. says:

I love using whole grains in many of the ways posted above- but I’ve yet to try baking my own crackers – that is on my fall ‘to do’ list, for sure!!

Leah S says:

I make a variety of hot cereals for my kids most mornings, the easiest way to get all 5 of them well fed!

Melissa C says:

Too many to limit to just one. Granola in the morning for my husband and my daughter uses a lot in salads for her vegetarian lunches and dinners between classes at school.

Tammy T. says:

I love using wheat to grind and make fresh bread. Oh, and of course you can not forget all the wonderful hot cereals Bob’s has. Love them!

Nancy Schupman says:

Recently went gluten free. Trust Bobs Red Mill for all my baking needs.

Greg Elvander says:

I love to make my own tortillas from your masa harina. I use them in place of bread, or make tacos or enchiladas.
I also recently did an experiment with quinoa. I made a fritatta, with the quinoa and other veggies. It turned out great. gotta cook the quinoa first.

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