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People Before Profit

Long before Bob Moore announced that Bob’s Red Mill was to become an employee-owned company, people were clamoring to know more about the man behind the mill. Since that momentous announcement in 2010, the clamor has grown to a roar and the inquiries just keep flooding the phone lines. Who is Bob Moore? Is he even real? What led him to start grinding whole grain flours on stone mills? Why does he make flour with stone mills?

As our customers, you know that Bob is very much a real person, but you may not know all the details of how he got his start in milling and what led to Bob’s Red Mill becoming a leading manufacturer of stone ground, whole grain flours, cereals and baking mixes. This is why we are thrilled to announce the release of Bob’s biography: People Before Profit: The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Bob’s Red Mill. This inspiring biography details how Bob overcame challenge after challenge to build our company and become the world’s foremost provider of whole grain foods for every meal of the day.

Bob spent countless hours over the last two years working with author Ken Koopman telling his story from his modest beginnings to where he stands today. Bob says, “I am truly humbled by the release of this book. I am amazed to think that there are people who would be interested in reading my life story, and the fact that this book exists is a true testament to everyone who has helped to make Bob’s Red Mill what it is today.”

To celebrate the launch of Bob’s biography, we’re pleased to give away 3 signed copies of this book. You can have it signed generally, or have it made out to someone special. As a big reader, I can truly say this book is worthwhile. Don’t want to wait? You can pick up a copy for the special introductory price of $17.95 on our website.


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Mandatory Entry:
Fact: Bob’s favorite cereal is our Scottish Oatmeal. What is your favorite Bob’s Red Mill cereal? Tell us in the comments to be entered (then be sure to click “I did this” in the app below).

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M says:

My family loves the steel cut oats, we finally got our five year old to try it and won her over. Over the next few weeks the kids have standardized testing, for sure the steel cut oats will be part of the breakfast plan. After reading about some of the other types of oatmeal I may have to venture out and try some new things as well.

Amy Zahniser says:

My favorite cereal is Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Rolled Oats. I eat them for breakfast nearly every morning with a handful of dried sour cherries, a little raw sugar, and some milk. Yummy, healthy, and certified to have no gluten, making my tummy very happy! Thanks, Bob!

Jeffrey says:

I like just plain old rolled oats. I add fruit, nuts and honey.

Tabitha W says:

I’m a steel cut oats fan, too! Almost nothing can keep me going until lunch like that hearty oatmeal can. And I recently bought a can of oats from another company — NASTY! So glad I started and have now switched back to Bob’s, the best tasting and and just plain best cereals out there.

Mary Magdic says:

My favorite Bob’s Red Mill cereal is the Whole Grain 10 Grain Hot Cereal. Great on a cold winter morning like today!

Nicole says:

We love Bob’s Gluten free oats. Even though oats are naturally gluten free, Bob’s Red Mill ensures our health by using Gluten Free equipment and production lines. Woo hoo!

Amanda Kelly says:

My favorite is the Gluten Free Rolled Oats. I have them every morning. It’s been so exciting for me to find so many great gluten free products from Bob’s Red Mill at such an amazing price! Normally gluten free things cost an arm and a leg! The Gluten Free Cornbread mix is also a HUGE favorite in my house. Thanks Bob!!!

Jonathan says:

I love Old Country Style Muesli.

Lisa Smith says:

The 7 Grain Hot Cereal. So delicious and filling, sometimes I prefer that over dessert!

Linda Shaffer says:

My favorite way to start the morning is with Bob’s 5-Grain Hot Cereal. I had cherries and low-fat milk. Leaves me satisfied for hours!

Marg says:

Rolled oats! eat it every morning. My husband likes the Old Fashioned Muesli. Love the huge selection of grains, gluten free products, nuts, seeds and everything else. Given the choice of Bob’s Red Mill and another brand, it’s Bob’s every time!

Betsy Kunz says:

Steel cut oats

Brian Sherman says:

I like the GF Pancake mix, I don’t care to eat cereal.

Janet says:

Steel cut oats-preferably at the store!

Nita says:

My favorite is the Gluten Free Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal! So yummy!

Bonnie K says:

My favorite cereal is the steel cut oats.

I love the hot cereal!

Niki Jay says:

My favorite is steel cut oats, soaked overnight, cooked with soy milk and then add raisins, almonds, ground flax, cinnamon and agave nectar…yum!

Karen Lyles says:

I’d love to read this book. I’ve visited Bob’s Red Mill for many, many years and love whole grains!!!

jacquie says:

i have to confess that i’m not much of a cereal eater in general. however, i do like some granola sprinkled over the top of fruit and ice cream.

Kathie R says:

My favorite cereal is Muselix.

JohnS says:

Love the products

Greg says:

Hot 10 Grain Cereal with a little bit of maple syrup… nothing better. Well… Steel Cut Oats cooked overnight in the crockpot and finished in the morning with chopped fruit is pretty amazing as well.

Debra Kerns says:

Would love to read about a man who has his priorities straight. People first! Wishing you success with your new book!

Meister says:

Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli has me hooked! It’s my favorite cereal by far, and I eat it every morning.

(I also love bringing 10-Grain Hot Cereal along whenever I’m travelling, to heat up in the microwave with some sliced bananas and almonds. Yum!)

angel says:

Scottish Oats with some Marion Berry jam (Bought at the BRM store!) mixed in it!

Sara F. says:

I like the Steel Cut Oats, soaked in milk overnight with a tbsp or two of ground flaxseed and some cherries, which I pick myself and spend all summer pitting and drying, despite all the odd looks I get because my hands turn red. My dog likes them, too.

Debra Kerns says:

Oh, goodness, Love love love the ground flax on my fruit for breakfast! Delish!

Julianne says:

I love the organic high-fiber whole grain cereal with raspberries or blueberries, cinnamon, almonds and a wee bit of maple syrup. Delicious breakfast!

WSmithdeVargas says:

LOVE the GF Pancakes!! I use the mix with Almond Milk. So fluffy and yummy!

Shea Mixon says:

I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill products and I even use it to bake my dog treats with! If it is best for me then it is best for them:)

Stella says:

My favorite is also the Scottish Oatmeal, because mixed with fruit or a little blackstrap molasses, it makes the perfect first baby cereal! Far better and healthier than those instant baby cereals.

Meg says:

Thank you for your amazing gluten free mixes! I am part of a local, community minded business and I would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your approach to people of over profit.

Jason says:

Our favorite is the 8-grain hot breakfast cereal. Of course I add extra flax seed, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds afterwards to make it extra amazing. Sweet and salty!

Galina Taerasenko says:

Love just plain oatmeal hot cereal with honey and coconut milk! Yumm!

Ashley Bernard says:

Congratulations to Bob on reaching this milestone, which enables us, his loyals customers and friends to celebrate his lifetime achievements and how they’ve shaped the state of the food industry as we know it today.

Janet T says:

I love the gluten free oatmeal. Bob’s had such a wonderful gluten free assortment that has been a real help with meeting our needs in the world of Gluten Free. Thanks so much to everyone.

Betsy says:

I always love the rolled oats. Classic and yummy!

Julie says:

Scottish Oatmeal. 🙂

Carlene says:

It’s a toss up between the steel cut oats and the mighty tasty hot cereal. I love both of them!

Kevin P says:

Just made granola on Monday using your products, turned out good other than one pan which I toasted a bit to long 🙁

Steph Corby says:

Gluten free rolled oats is the cereal I love (and appreciate) the most, but I also use it with Quinoa, flaxseed and other ingredients to fashion my homemade gluten-free granola which I mix with yogurt almost every morning.

Kara says:

I love the gluten free oatmeal!

SuzzAnne Lunney says:

My favorite cereal by far are the gluten free oats.. It makes the best tasting oatmeal I have EVER HAD!!

Colleen K. says:

I love Bob’s Gluten Free Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. With cinnamon and vanilla, honey and milk its good hot. Leftovers are fried up and topped with maple syrup!!

Alea says:

Creamy Buckwheat, Spelt Flakes, I’m supposed to choose??? 🙂

katherine w. says:

right now i love the apple, cinnamon and grains hot cereal, but amaranth is a close second!

Karen says:

I thought I’d never be able to eat oatmeal again until I found your Gluten Free Rolled Oats. Love it, and I eat it every morning for breakfast!

Trang says:

Steel cut oats with cinnamon and honey added.

This looks like a fabulous story. I am always amazed when people stand up and do something differently with great success that benefits others as well as themselves. Thank you for sharing.

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